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Greek military history is full of story of renown and also amazing courage. From the phalanx and also hoplite of ancient Greece come the citizen soldiers that the modern-day era, Greek military background is proof positive of the fighting soul of the civilization of the Aegean. If soldiers deserve every honor and respect bestowed upon them, one must never forget the officers who command Greek armies and also make life or fatality decisions top top the battlefield.

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In the contemporary Greek military, the highest possible officer rank is the of strategos. In this article, we’ll study the rank of strategos, both in regards to the background of the rank and what obligations these high-ranking officers have actually in the armed forces.

Here is more information around the location of Strategos and the role it played throughout history:

Strategos in ancient Greece

The office that strategos was in visibility as early as the 6th Century BC however was no formalized until 501 BC in the city that Athens. The lawmaker Cleisthenes wrote brand-new mandates that experienced the appointment of ten strategoi, one stategos from each of the ten tribes of Athens. Elections for the tribal offices were organized in the spring and the strategoi served one-year terms. While exactly how the the supervisory board of strategoi made decisions varied throughout their history, in ~ the fight of Marathon in 486 BC, the strategoi worked out on strategy by a bulk vote. Together time went by, lawmakers to reduce the tribe need in strategoi votes, meaning that a solitary tribe can have numerous strategoi.

By the 5th Century BC, strategoi merged military power v political power, together exemplified in the regards to leaders such as Pericles and Themistocles. Nevertheless, the Greek civilization maintained near watch end strategoi and could depose castle if they did not like exactly how they comported us in office.

Strategos in the Hellenistic and Byzantine Empires

Under the leadership of Philip II the Macedon, strategoi acted as both armed forces leaders and representatives the the imperial family. Following the death of Alexander the Great, strategoi took on an ext important duties in the wars of his plenty of successors. In Egypt, strategoi ended up being governors of territories known as nomes, possessing both military and civil authority.

Strategoi ongoing being civil and also military leaders in the administrative system the the Greek-speaking byzantine Empire. In the 7th Century, the Byzantines divided their empire into territories known as themes, through a strategos in fee of each theme. By the 8th Century, themes came to be so big and powerful that strategoi to be able to challenge the could of the emperor in Constantinople in several rebellions. To solve this, the emperor decreased the size of themes, in order to minimizing the power of the strategus.

Strategos in the contemporary Greek Military

In the Hellenic Army, the modern-day rank of strategos, assignment stratigos, stays the greatest ranking basic in the military. Once Greece to be still a monarchy, just the king and select members of the royal household could obtain the location of stratigos as an honorary title. After 1974, as soon as the monarchy to be abolished in donate of a democracy, the rank became the title of the chef of the general Staff of national Defense as soon as that place is populated by a member of the Hellenic Army.

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All in all, the rank of strategos is highly important in Greek history. Since ancient times, the Greek civilization have put much power and responsibility in strategoi, vesting both military and also civilian power in the rank. Additionally, the rank is a sign of the utmost respect because that a leader who has actually proven that they will certainly serve their nation with the utmost integrity.