CALLEN partnered v MJZ's Craig Gillespie to produce the virtual spots - known for his films 'I, Tonya' and also 'Lars & The real Girl'

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Austin-based agencyCALLEN has launched its an initial global marketing campaign for Vistaprint. This days you have actually to be able to adapt quickly, and pivot - especially tiny business owners. Vistaprint has helped many human being tackle this an obstacle - especially throughout the pandemic - making access to the high-quality tools, services and products small business owners require easy, affordable and also premium. They provide support, credibility and legitimacy come every service owner.
Directed by Craig Gillespie, well-known for movie work including "I, Tonya" and "Lars & The genuine Girl", and also commercial work-related for brands including Nike, Apple, call of Duty and also Snickers, the campaign centres top top different little business owners that each endure what might be a disastrous moment for your business. Each company owner tackles the challenge with ease, v the aid of Vistaprint.
Each storyline consists of a brand spot and supporting testimonial spots, and began running 16th February in the US, UK and also France top top YouTube.


Client: Vistaprint

CMO: Ricky Engelberg

VP customer Strategy & GTM Planning: pagan Deschenes

Creative Director: Julie Halloran

Senior communications Strategist: Rae Ellen Stoddard

Communications Strategist: Jason Olbrycht

Manager, Media Production: Christa Proposki

Directeur Croissance: Arnaud Stern

General Manager UK & Ireland: Emily Shirley

Head of north America Marketing: Erin Shea


Agency: CALLEN

Founder / CCO: Craig Allen

Managing Director: David Hughes

Head the Strategy: Julianna Simon

Brand Director: Kelly Marshall

Executive Producer: Matt Mattingly (Hone Production)

Art Director: Angela Dai

Copywriter: Sam Carlson

Creative Directors: Matt Nall and also Kyle Davis

Sr service Affairs Director: Kacey Kelley



Director: Craig Gillespie

Executive Producer: Emma Wilcockson

Producer: Martha Davis



Editor: Gavin Cutler

Executive Producer: Gina Pagano

Assistant Editor: Megan Heard

Music and Sound

Sound Design: Marc Healy / Henry Boy

Engineer: bill Chesley

Executive Producer: Kate Gibson

Music: Walker

Executive Producer: Abbey Hendrix

Music Supervisor: Julianne Wilson

Engineer: Christopher Keyes



ECD / partner / lead Artist: Tim Davies

Senior executive, management Producer/ Partner: Sue Troyan

Head of CG/ CG Lead: Mike Dalzell

Senior VFX Producer: Jami Schakel

VFX Producer: Andrew Cowderoy

2D Team: rob Winfield, Susanne Scharping, Tim Bird, Steve Cokonis, Steve Gibbons, Robert Murdock and Brad Scott

CG Team: Carl Harders, Nico Sugleris, Matt Longwell, Kerry Graham, Bryan Repka and Igor Stefanovic




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