Verizon Fios was the tri-states very first fiber optic network. Yet at the end of the day, the a energy that most civilization don’t notice or think around unless it stop working. The difficulty was in talking about it’s benefits of having actually a fiber optic link without walk negative. Luckily we had actually John McEnroe and also Stanley Tucci to assist us out.

Half House

The Wilsons live in a fifty percent house. But due to the fact that they have Fios, v equal upload and download speeds, they tho have complete internet.

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Creativity / The drum / shooting


John McEnroe has been obtaining unnecessarily angry because the 70"s.

Thankfully, he has actually Fios" video clip tech support to help keep the calm.


When friend order Fios, your tech will collection up every your gadgets on the new network.

That"s a most hassle friend don"t need to deal with. Especially if you have a huge family, through a most devices.

Cross-Channel: Quantum

The task was simple: educate current Fios subscribers about the service’s premium offering, dubbed Quantum. The an obstacle was practically impossible: direct them to a devoted channel playing an advertisement on a loop (channel 500, in case you wanted to check it out yourself).

Nobody desires to watch an commercial informing them come pay much more for upgrades of a organization they already have. So there was only one option: do it fun, do it entertaining, do it rewarding.

Working v animation and post-house CHRLX, we created a civilization of animated, recurring personalities showing use-cases because that each that the available upgrades, chocked-full that easter eggs. You may discover something new each time you watch it. And we hope you would certainly watch that a lot.

On a an individual note, this is just one of my favorite projects. It greatly flew under the radar, and we to be able to acquire amazing job-related out the a task that seemed boring by just looking at the brief.

Verizon Fios // Quantum Router from rick Cohen top top Vimeo.","resolvedBy":"manual"}" data-block-type="32" id="block-yui_3_17_2_1_1574124384180_34482">

Channel 500

When you obtained to channel 500, you were greeted with a plethora of clues to play in a loop, every describing a different benefit of Quantum Fios with metaphor. Together it to be our very own owned channel, we weren’t restricted to the traditional :15 media buy, so us were able come tell the story we wanted, no matter how long that took.

I love this because we didn’t simply make an ad: we developed a world.


Friendly. Sophisticated. Human. These room the brand pillars of the brand-new Verizon.

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When us were tasked to create a fresh means to call Fios customers about the video On demand features they already have that deserve to be updated with new content quarterly, us went through a stop-motion papercraft feel and also a simple, clean voiceover.