What perform the glands shown in A and also B both have in common?
A. Both space exocrine glands.B. Both are unicellular.C. Both space endocrine glands.D. Both are sebaceous glands.

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Which the the following is a residential property of epithelial tissue?A. Epithelial organization does no exhibit polarity.B. Epithelial organization is typically unable to regenerate.C. Epithelial tissue includes blood vessels.D. Epithelial organization is innervated.
Which of the numbered cell species is primarily responsible for creating protein fibers found in connective tissue proper?
A. 2B. 5C. 4D. 3
Cells 3 and 6 space both classified as ______.
A. White blood cellsB. Blast cellsC. Epithelial cellsD. Red blood cells
Which the the following statements is no characteristic that the areolar connective organization pictured in the figure?
A. Areolar connective tissue has actually elastic properties.B. Most of the volume of areolar connective organization is inhabited by ground substance.C. Areolar connective organization is avascular.D. Fibroblasts room the cells mainly responsible because that the development of areolar connective tissue.

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Which of the following is not a role of connective tissue?A. AbsorptionB. ProtectionC. InsulationD. Support
Which that the complying with glands could utilize the secretory mechanism and duct structure displayed in A?
A. Thyroid hormoneB. SalivaryC. SebaceousD. Mucous 
Which the the complying with cellular procedures is illustrated in A?
A. Cabinet fragmentationB. PhagocytosisC. ExocytosisD. Mitosis
Which of the complying with increases the surface ar area of details epithelial tissues?A. MicrovilliB. Basement membraneC. Basal laminaD. DesmosomesE. Cilia
Where is transitional epithelium found?A. In areas involved in filtrationB. In locations subject come wear and tearC. In locations subjected come stretchingD. In locations involved in absorption
Exocrine glands ________.A. Secrete hormonesB. Are just unicellular in structureC. Secrete substances into bloodD. Secrete substances onto human body surfaces
All epithelia have two surfaces, one apical surface and also a basal surface, the differ in both structure and function. True or FalseTrue False
Which that the adhering to substances would certainly NOT be found in far-reaching amounts in the extracellular procession of the portrayed areolar connective tissue?
A. ElastinB. ProteoglycanC. KeratinD. Collagen
Connective tissues ________.A. Arise indigenous different varieties of embryonic tissue; therefore, castle have small relationship or kinship to one anotherB. Are vulnerable tissues, not designed come bear load or stand up to abrasion or tensionC. Are all avascularD. Primarily consist that extracellular matrix
In connective tissue, the duty of collagen yarn is to ________.A. Retain fluidB. Administer elasticityC. Kind delicate networks approximately blood vessels and also support the soft organization of organsD. Administer tensile strength
Which tissue is properly paired through its main cell type?A. Bone: osteoblastB. Connective tissue proper: chondroblastC. Cartilage: fibroblastD. Bone: fibrocyte
Choose the correct pairing for a tissue and its embryonic origin.A. Connective tissue is obtained from the major germ layer dubbed the endoderm.B. Muscle is obtained from the primary germ layer dubbed the ectoderm.C. Nervous organization is obtained from the primary germ layer called the mesoderm.D. Epithelium is derived from all three major germ layers: ectoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm.
The wall surface of the alveolus (air sac) in the lung is composed of which type of epithelium?A. Straightforward columnar epitheliumB. Simple squamous epitheliumC. Transitional epithelium
The proximal tubule of the nephron (kidney tubule) in the kidney is written of which type of epithelium?A. An easy cuboidal epitheliumB. Stratified squamous epitheliumC. Ciliated pseudostratified columnar epithelium
The epithelium the the stomach is created of which type of epithelial tissue?A. Stratified squamous epitheliumB. Keratinized stratified squamous epitheliumC. Straightforward columnar epithelium
The epithelium of the stomach is composed of which type of epithelial tissue?A. Keratinized stratified squamous epitheliumB. Stratified squamous epitheliumC. Basic columnar epithelium
Which component of the neuron (a dedicated nerve cell) receives signals from other cells and is likewise the main metabolic an ar of the neuron?A. SomaB. DendritesC. Axon
Which numbered cell type initiates inflammation responses to epidemic or organization damage?
A. 6B. 4C. 5D. 3