If you know what a pronoun is, you deserve to probably number out what a possessive pronoun is. Yet you might be thinking of possessive adjectives instead. For this reason what is a own pronoun? take it a look at this possessive pronouns examples to clear up what these little words are, how they duty and how they’re various from own adjectives.

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possessive pronoun chart

Defining own Pronouns

Possessive pronouns do exactly what the seems choose they must do. Favor all pronouns, they replace nouns in a sentence. Possessive pronouns assist us display a noun’s possession or ownership. However, castle are various from own adjectives.

Possessive pronouns (also referred to as “absolute” or “strong” possessive pronouns) space mine, yours, his, hers, its, ours, yours, and also theirs. They change a noun or noun phrase currently used, replacing it to stop repetition: "I said that phone to be mine."

Generally, you use possessive pronouns to talk about a person, ar or thing that has already been explained. They avoid repetition in a sentence.

Possessive pronouns List

Now that you understand how they work, try using few of these possessive pronoun in your very own sentences. Here"s a reminder the the own forms:

Subject Pronoun

Possessive (absolute)

Possessive (adjective)






















Notice that part possessive pronouns and possessive adjectives room the same, such similar to his and also its. However, in most cases, the word you select depends on how you"re making use of it.

Examples of own Pronouns

Possessive pronouns assist us come be more concise and use under words once explaining the very same idea. Take a look in ~ the examples below and also see if you deserve to understand one sentence much better than the other:

Those are my Converse sneakers. They are not her Converse sneakers.

Those are my Converse sneakers. They space not yours.

I didn"t have my textbook because that English class, so Brian lent me his textbook.

I didn"t have actually my textbook for English class, therefore Brian lent me his.

Your take trip plans sound simply as interesting as my travel plans!

Your take trip plans sound just as interesting as mine!

Practicing with possessive pronouns is the best method to familiarize yourself with them. Examine out these instances that use italics for possessive adjectives and bold for absolute possessive pronouns.

Your cat is adorable, yet not together cute as ours.

My pen won"t work, deserve to I lend yours?

The jewelry the the police accused Mr. Jones of steal turned out to be his every along.

Jim shed his dinner, therefore he request Tina if he can share hers.

Remember, possessive pronouns don"t just substitute nouns, they show possession over a person, a place or a thing. Unlike possessive adjectives, however, they have the right to stand alone.


Possessive Pronoun Quiz

As both possessive develops are offered to explain ownership, it have the right to be easy to confuse them. Below are part sentences the contain possessive pronoun mistakes. Can you fix them? (Answers space below.)

His paints were really colorful, however I liked hers paints better.

Mine eyes room the color blue.

I favor listening to Bruno Mars much more than Michael Jackson, but he dance moves room far more iconic.

If you will do like much more practice through possessive pronouns and adjectives, take a pronoun quiz to test your skills. You can also play a few pronoun games for a fun review activity!

Answers because that Pronoun Quiz Questions

How did friend do? check your answer below.

His paintings were really colorful, but I favored hers her paints better.

Mine My eyes room the shade blue.

I choose listening come Bruno Mars more than Michael Jackson, however he his dance moves space far much more iconic.

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Simplify her Sentences

Being concise is the name of the video game no matter what type of material you"re drafting. Shot to do a conscious effort to replace facility possessive structures with simpler possessive pronoun in your daily speech and also writing. Use some advantageous pronoun worksheets to memorize them faster.