Create passwords that room unique and hard come guess. Use 2-step verification where it is available.

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A password is just how you prove you space you. An innovation has gotten better and better, isn"t that time to enhance the way you take care of passwords? review the links below to help you create a strong password, manage all your passwords in a password manager, and allow two-step verification to protect against account theft. 


Create a solid Password

Do you use any type of of these as a password, or use them in combination with a solitary dictionary word? If so, you should upgrade your password to something stronger.

Four number Years

Examples: 19XX, 20XX, various other anniversaries or famous years like 1776 or 1066


Examples: pass, password, p
$$word or any kind of variant

Sports References

Examples: footballfan, hockey, gosox


Examples: pets, spouses, children, grandchildren, celebrities

Personal Information

Examples: your name, email address, phone number, or social number

Keyboard trends or Sequences

Examples: qwerty, asdf, 123456,abc123

A an excellent password will satisfy the adhering to requirements

An English uppercase character (A-Z)

An English small letter character (a-z)

A number (0-9) and/or price (such as !#, or %)

Ten or an ext characters total.

One way to carry out this is to begin with a native you will remember:


Then include elements indigenous the criteria detailed above.


Passphrases are longer and also more complex than passwords. Lock are much easier to remember, but more complicated to guess. 

Method A: convert a expression to an Acronym

Choose a expression you deserve to remember and reduce it to the an initial letters of every word, working in some numbers, capitalization, and also punctuation.

Mccic:Iiig,web? -> Mint chocolate chip ice cream: If it isn"t green, why even bother?

Method B: distinct Phrase

Pick 4-5 letter (MISL) and also then do a phrase using native that start with each of those letters. Include a number or point if it provides sense.



LastPass premium is currently offered at no price to all members the the community.

Get LastPass

The the strongest passwords are created by password managers, software program that generates and also keeps monitor of facility and unique passwords for every one of your accounts. All you have to remember is the password come the password manager. When choosing a password manager, choose one that supports 2-step verification.


Privacy, Please


Keep her passwords private and don"t re-superstructure them with anyone. Support services will never ever ask you for her password by phone call or by email.

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How come Manage

You have actually dozens that accounts, and that means you need dozens of strong passwords. Thankfully, there room applications to assist you save track the them. A password manager will aid you create, use, and also store passwords easily. LastPass premium is right now offered in ~ no price to all members the the community. 

Get LastPass


Refuse to Reuse


Using the exact same password for all her accounts is an extremely risky. If your account for any kind of service is compromised, every one of your accounts are placed at risk. Usage a unique password because that every account.
When you permit two-step verification, any type of time you usage your account top top a new device, an authorization code will involved your phone. There is no the code, a password thief can not take control of your account. The is the single best way to safeguard your account from cyber criminals. Two-step is easily accessible for many services in ~ and beyond.