Keeping your employees" injuries to a minimum can be a challenge, particularly when someone’s task duties consist of of repeated twisting, bending, and also lifting. Although earlier injuries account because that no work deaths, they execute account because that a significant amount of human suffering, lose of productivity, and economic burden on compensation systems. <1>

Manual materials taking care of is the principal source of compensable injuries in the American workforce, and four the end of five of this injuries will influence the reduced back. What can you carry out to reduce the risk?

The Important duty of Ergonomics


Ergonomics is characterized as the research of work. The study concentrates on the work environment, such as its design and function, as well as items like—the style and duty of workstations, controls, displays, security devices, tools, and lighting to fit the employees" physical requirements and also to ensure their health and wellbeing. Ergonomics dictates that the job need to be adjusted to to the right the person, rather than physically forcing a person’s human body to fit the job. <2>

What species of job-related are most most likely to pose ergonomic hazards? MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) impact workers in almost every occupation and also industry in the nation and in workplaces of every sizes. The disorders take place most generally in tasks that involve:

Manual product handlingManufacturing and productionHeavy liftingTwisting movementsLong hours of functioning in aer positions

There’s a high price with ignoring basic solutions to few of the ergonomic troubles in the workplace. MSDs annually account for much more than $15 exchange rate to $20 billion in workers’ compensation costs. Total direct costs add up to as lot as $50 billion annually. <3> countless solutions to ergonomic troubles in the rectal are simple and inexpensive. Because that example, adjusting the elevation of functioning surfaces or placing supplies and also equipment within straightforward reach the the worker could be back savers. What are some of the threats in her shop, warehouse, or production plant?

Solutions for Material managing

Supplying the best tool for the job have the right to be an important step in minimizing workplace injuries. Let’s take a look in ~ the Crown PTH 50PS—a flexible pallet truck through a powered scissor lift.

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This polytheistic pallet jack through powered scissor background is draft to help improve comfort and also efficiency in work-related positioning by help to prevent unnecessary bending and also lifting. Designed for use through open-bottom pallets, skids and also totes, the is suitable for a variety of workplace environments, including printing and also manufacturing. The is best for applications requiring commonly varied functioning heights due to the fact that unlike a resolved lifting table frequently used in these species of applications, it can function as both a hand pallet truck and also mobile occupational positioner that can raise, lower and transport material.With lull in mind, also the take care of takes ergonomics into account together it is designed with optimal thickness and an angled form for fatigue-free operation.


When analyzing the ergonomics of your operation, consider the expense of offering the appropriate tools as a an important return-on-investment. Safety and security for your workers equals healthier employees, better productivity, and reduced worker comp because of MSD injury. It"s a win-win because that everyone.

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In NE Pennsylvania, activity Lift is all set to be her material-handling remedies partner.