Explanation:Batholith is the best of the intrusive igneous rocks. Stope is no an intrusive igneous body. The is concerned mining.

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Question: The finest malleable metal is -

(A) Aluminum

(B) Silver

(C) Gold

(D) Lead


Question: The early on attempt to classify facets as metals and non-metals was made through -

(A) Mendeleev

(B) Lother Meyer

(C) Lavoisier

(D) Henry Moseley


Question: The magnet is strongest near the -

(A) Poles that the magnet

(B) end of the magnet

(C) center of the magnet

(D) on equator allude from the poles that the magnet


Question: i beg your pardon is the an equipment used come detect and also measure small electric currents in a circuit?

(A) Transformer

(B) Galvanometer

(C) Thermometer

(D) Electromagnetic Induction


Question: The shortest temperature in ~ which an oil gives adequate vapours to type an explosive mixture v air is well-known as -

(A) speed Point

(B) acting Point

(C) Explosive Point

(D) Acidic Flux


Question: The value of G in the formula because that gravitational pressure depends on -

(A) fixed of the earth only

(B) The radius the the earth only

(C) Both mass and also radius the the earth

(D) neither mass no one the radius the the earth


Question: as soon as a hanging carpet is beaten v a stick, the dust particles in it start coming out of it. This phenomenon can be explained by making usage of -

(A) Newton"s first law that motion

(B) Newton"s 2nd law of motion

(C) Newton"s third law of motion

(D) Newton"s legislation of gravitation


Question: The numerical ratio of displacement to distance for a moving object is -

(A) constantly Less than 1

(B) same to 1 or more than 1

(C) Always much more than 1

(D) equal to 1 or much less than 1


Question: Milk that Magnesia is a -

(A) Colloid

(B) True solution

(C) Homogeneous Mixture

(D) Suspension


Question: i beg your pardon mineral is also known together fool"s gold?

(A) Quartz

(B) Magneti

(C) Pyrite

(D) Fluorite


Question: The physics phenomenon when, in polar regions prefer Alaska and Northern Canada, a splendid display screen of color is checked out in the skies is dubbed a/an -

(A) aurora borealis

(B) star shower

(C) energetic galactic nucleus

(D) star"s intrinsic luminosity


Question: which of the complying with metals in pure form has the highest melting point?

(A) Tungsten

(B) Copper

(C) Platinum

(D) Gold


Question: every the mixtures containing a solid and also a liquid have the right to be be separate by -

I. Centrifugation

II. Evaporation


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IV. Chromatography

Correct password is -

(A) just I

(B) only II and III

(C) I, II, III and IV

(D) only III and also IV


Question: which of the complying with is no a properties of a physics change?

(A) the is a short-lived change

(B) that is typically an irreversible change

(C) Very small heat (or light) power is usually soaked up or provided out

(D) The massive of a substance does not transform in a physical change


Question: Sound cannot travel with -

(A) Solids

(B) Liquids

(C) Gases

(D) Vaccum


Question: What is the correct ascending bespeak of the adhering to substances in relation to their thickness (kg/ m(C)?