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The diameter that a one is 34 cm and also a chord in that scene one is 30cm. What is the street fro…

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A chord of length 14cm is in ~ a distance of 6 cm from the center of the circle. The size of another…A chord bar(AB) is 3 cm. From the center of a circle with radius 4. What is the size of chord bar(…Prove that a diameter the a circle i m sorry bisects a chord the the circle additionally bisects the angle subtend…(i) discover the length of a chord i beg your pardon is in ~ a street of 12 centimeter from the center of a circle of radius…Let alpha chord of a circle be that chord that the circle which subtends an edge alpha in ~ the center….Let alpha chord of a circle be the chord the the circle i beg your pardon subtends an angle alpha at the center….A chord of length 24 centimeter is at a distance of 5 cm form the center of the circle. Discover the length of a…The radius the a circle is 5 cm and also length that a chord of the circle is 6 centimeter . Climate the street of th…A circle touches the x-axis and additionally thouches the one with center (0, 3) and also radius 2. The locus …The radius of a circle through centere ns is 25 centimeter . The size of a chord that the same circle is 48 cm ….

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Find the equation of the circle if the chord of the circle joining (1,2) and (-3,1) subtents 90^(0) …A chord of size 30cm is attracted at a distance of 8 centimeter from the centre of a circle. Uncover out the radi…A chord of size 60 cm is in ~ a street of 16 cm from the centre of a one . What is the radius (…The perpendicular bisector of any chord that a circle passes v the ____________ of that circle .Radius of circle is 10 cm. There are two chords of length 16 centimeter each. What will be the distance of t…If |z|=5, climate the locus the -1 + 2z is (A) a one having center (2,0) (B) a one having facility (…A variable chord is attracted through the beginning to the circle x^(2)+y^(2)-2ax=0. Uncover the locus of the …DisclaimerThe questions posted top top the site are solely user generated, has actually no property or control over the nature and content the those questions. is not responsible for any kind of discrepancies worrying the duplicity of content over those questions.

Which ideal describes the diameters the a circle? A.

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The distance throughout the center of the one B….

The size of a chord is same to its distance to the center of the circle. A 2nd chord in the s…