I constantly select my girlfriend and spending time with her over my friends, ALWAYS, without question. However, I have noticed a trend that my girlfriend will at times placed friends or other people prior to me, and then claim to me "I constantly want come be through you and also spend time through you" how do I check out this, what must I make of this. For example she"s see a male friend this weekend to watch an arts gallery, top top the only day we have actually been able to invest together totally for over a week.

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Um, no. Mine girlfriend doesn't go everywhere to fulfill a male friend alone. That's dubbed a "date". One of two people I'm going v her, or she's no going, or we're no going to be together any longer. If girlfriend haven't met this guy, tell she "So, once do I get to accomplish this girlfriend of yours?" if she didn't automatically invite me come come along, I'd begin antagonizing her around it. "You know, I'm really not comfortable through you dating other world while we're in a relationship". "Yeah, you speak he's a friend, however I don't know this guy, ns don't understand what he's after". Etc. If she it s okay vehement around you being controlling etc, then she's probably cheating ~ above you. If he's really just a friend, climate she'll desire you guys to meet and also get along, and she'd want you there with her, however she could just be thinking that you'd hate going come an arts gallery. If you have actually met this guy and also you're cool through them being friends and spending time together ~alone~ then simply be honest. "Baby, I'm emotion a little neglected here. Ns mean, this is the only day we've got to spend together for over a week, and also you do plans with somebody else?"Whatever the situation, you need to be honest and communicate around it. As soon as I met my girlfriend, we invested a ton that time together. Her friends (one in particular) began complaining the she never ever hung out anymore. So she started inviting her along. Which to be fine in ~ first, yet eventually it gained to the allude where ~every~ time I'd imply we go carry out something it'd it is in "Sure, is the alright if X comes?" and also she'd never make plans for just the 2 of us. I had to talk to her around it. And yes, I had actually to talk about it v her a couple of times prior to things started obtaining better, but they did, and also we identified a means to balance ours alone time. Periodically women gain so caught up in wanting to you re welcome EVERYBODY the they forget to entrust priority. She probably doesn't even realize the she's act it, due to the fact that you're for this reason passive around it. You have to be an ext assertive with what friend want.

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Girlfriend don't need to be a d*** about it, just be honest.