Some that the ideal nostalgia comes from shows we supplied to watch as kids, and also so countless of us loved the anime InuYasha. The manga first came out in the late 1990s and the anime to be released a couple of years later in 2000.

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Even though the show only ran until 2004, it has a substantial following the still loves it to this day.

While the InuYasha anime only ran for four years, a couple of different movies to be released during the time it to be still on the air. So, what order should you clock the InuYasha movie in, and are the movies canon? Keep analysis for answers and also to learn around a brand-new manga native InuYasha's creator.

Of course, when you watch the InuYasha anime, you deserve to be certain that the periods go in order. But over the years, over there were also four movies created InuYasha: Affections Touching throughout Time, The Castle past the feather Glass, Swords of an Honorable Ruler, and Fire ~ above the Mystic Island. Follow to Anime-Planet, fans need to watch the an initial movie after episode 54 of the anime. The 2nd movie takes ar after episode 95.


Then, the third movie should be watched after illustration 136, and also the last movie is collection after the anime is over but prior to The last Act, i m sorry is the location of the last episodes of the InuYasha anime.

Even despite you have the right to watch the movies in a certain order, lock aren't canon. In fact, the closestly the movies gain to canon is in Swords of one Honorable Ruler. In the film, we obtain to view some backstory about InuYasha's dad, yet that's pretty much it. If the remainder of the movie aren't canon, they're all great and feature some compelling struggle scenes.

The creator the InuYasha, Rumiko Takahashi, has just released a new manga referred to as Mao. In Mao, you'll certainly see some similarities come InuYasha in the beginning, but it was standing on its own as a great read. Castle both need to do through the main characters finding us in a fully different era the time.


Mao complies with a schoolgirl from 2019 named Nanoka. ~ entering a portal to the past, she is conserved from a demon by a man with an exceptional sword who transforms out to be the titular character, Mao. Sounds a lot favor InuYasha, doesn't it?

But the 2 manga different in a couple of ways. Mao is 100 percent human, not a half-demon choose InuYasha. And eventually, Nanoka finds the end that she's an "ayakashi," or a type of soul that typically appears above water. In the manga, we also see that Mao is trying to find a demon called Byoki in order to get rid of a curse.

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InuYasha's knife is seen as a gift but Mao has the finish opposite. His sword hurts everyone who touches it besides him. Think that it prefer Asta's knife in Black Clover.

It was reported back in 2020 that Mao was getting its very own anime, according to Comic Book. Yet a release day has not yet to be confirmed.

In the meantime, have the right to watch InuYasha ~ above HBO Max and Netflix. Mao, the manga, will be released on Sept. 14, 2021.

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