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A Catholic believer is sprinkled v ash throughout Ash Wednesday in La Merced church in Guatemala City.Reuters

The Christian calendar is packed complete of work of observance, spiritual festivals and also Holy Days, from every Saints' Day come Candlemas come the Feast of the Transfiguration. Among the many popular, though, is Pancake Day, which this year drops today, February 9.

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Many of united state will understand that this way Lent is top top us, however we might be a bit hazy on the details. Here's every little thing you need to know.

When walk Lent start? It falls differently every year follow to the Liturgical calendar, however this year begins tomorrow, February 10, known as 'Ash Wednesday'. The Lenten season end on holy Saturday, the day before Easter Sunday, i m sorry this year drops on march 26.

What's Shrove Tuesday every about, then? 'Shrove Tuesday', or Pancake Day together it is perhaps far better known in the western world, is the critical day prior to Lent begins. 'Shrove' originates from the word 'shrive', definition to confess and also receive absolution, and indicates a period of cleansing, wherein an separation, personal, instance abstains from certain things as a method to draw closer to God.

Traditionally it was a job of repentance, however many Christians now use Shrove Tuesday come indulge in foodstuffs that they plan on fasting from over the next couple of weeks. During the middle Ages, families tried to usage up every their well-off foods, choose milk, fats, eggs and also sugar ahead of the Lent period, thus the practice of eating pancakes. In France, the day became known together 'Mardi Gras', or 'Fat Tuesday', partly due to the consumption of this fatty foods.


What actually happens throughout Lent? Symbolic of the 40 days Jesus invested fasting in the wilderness, resisting the Devil's temptations and also preparing for his ministry, many Christians choose to rapid from indulgences such as sweets, chocolate, coffee, alcohol, or even TV during Lent.

The eagle-eyed amongst you will an alert there are an ext than 40 days between Ash Wednesday and also Holy Saturday – 46, to it is in precise. This is since Sundays don't count; each stand for a kind of 'mini-Easter', and are thought about a feast day come celebrate the resurrection.

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So what should I provide up? This one's entirely up come you – it's not obligatory, though plenty of Christians uncover Lent a great time to reset, and use the duration of fasting to provide up things which may have got in the method of their partnership with God. Others select to pick up something, prefer doing an action of goodness every day, or committing to reading the entirety of the new Testament before Easter.

Environmental activist Ruth Valerio has made another suggestion for a Lent challenge. Watch the video clip below to discover out more: