Jet skiing can be a fun and also exciting method to reap time outdoors during the summer. Jet skis are less complicated to use and also less high-quality than various other recreational boats. However, what starts as an exciting day on the water can finish in tragedy.

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Personal Watercraft Accident Statistics

Nationally, an individual watercrafts such as jet skis are the 2nd most common form of vessel involved in recreational watercraft accidents. The unified States coastline Guard’s 2017 to chat Boating Statistics suggest that:

18% of report recreational boat accidents (where the form of vessel to be known) involved personal watercraft46 people died in an individual watercraft accidents. 17 world died by drowning and 26 civilization died from other causes.624 human being were hurt in personal watercraft accidents.

In brand-new York, six people died and also 41 human being were pains in personal watercraft crashes during 2018.

New York figured out 14 different reasons of 2018 personal watercraft accidents, including:

27 collisions through recreational watercrafts which caused 19 injuries and also two deaths.14 times once a person left or was ejected native the jet ski or personal watercraft, which brought about 11 injuries and two deaths.Five capsizings which results in one injury and one death.Three groundings which resulted in two injuries.Three collisions v commercial boats which resulted in no casualties.Two collisions through floating objects which caused one injury and also one death.Two collisions with solved objects which resulted in no casualties.One fall from the personal watercraft which caused one injury.One autumn overboard which resulted in two injuries.One fire or explosion which brought about one injury.One flooding/swamping which caused no casualties.One struck by a watercraft which led to one injury.Five other reasons not identified above which led to two injuries and no deaths.One unknown cause which caused no casualties.

Common reasons for these varieties of to chat boat mishaps in new York include:

Alcohol useOperator inattentionWeatherHazardous watersSpeedingOperator inexperienceMachinery failure

Overall, an individual watercraft were associated in 14% of brand-new York’s 2018 to chat boat accidents but resulted in 24% the recreational watercraft injuries and also 21% that recreational boat deaths.

New York an individual Watercraft safety Laws

New York tries to avoid jet ski mishaps by:

Requiring jet ski operators to have actually the following equipment: life jackets for everyone on the jet ski, an engine cut-off lanyard, a sound-producing device, a visual distress signal, a backfire flame arrestor, and also a fire extinguisher (if on unified States shore Guard waters).Recommending the jet ski operators have actually footwear, eye protection, wet suits, and gloves.Requiring jet ski operators to complete a boating safety course.Requiring jet ski operators to it is in at the very least 14 year old.Only permitting jet ski use during daylight hours.Prohibiting reckless operation of jet skis such together weaving in and out of watercraft traffic, jumping the wakes of other vessels, or play chicken with various other vessels.Prohibiting jet ski usage within 500 feet of swim areas.

Additionally, stricter demands are in ar for world who rental jet skis in new York. Jet ski renters have to be at the very least 16 year old.

Jet Ski Injuries

Despite new York’s laws to protect against jet ski accidents, every year people are hurt and killed in jet ski accidents. Jet skis offer very little protection in a crash. Once a collision, one ejection, or another form of accident wake up a jet skier may die or suffer a severe injury such as a:

Broken boneNeck injuryBack injurySpinal cord injuryTraumatic brain injuryBurnInternal injury

Protect her Legal legal rights After a Jet Ski Accident

Your jet ski accident may not be her fault. An experienced maritime injury lawyer will investigate all aspects of your case to identify who resulted in the accident and who should pay for her injuries or her loved one’s death.

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You shouldn’t have to pay because that an accident the someone rather caused. Our maritime lawyers represent clients throughout the world, including in all components of brand-new York. Call Hofmann & Schweitzer now to schedule your complimentary consultation around your potential jet ski accident case.