In this amazing mini-lesson, we will learn just how to convert3/8 as a decimal. When doing so, we will also explore other portion to decimalconversions together as3/2 together a decimal and also 1/10 as a decimal.

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You can inspect out the interactive inquiries to know much more about the class and try your hand at solving a couple of interesting practice questions at the finish of the lesson.

Before we get started, let's see what Mr. Mike is puzzled about.

Mr. Mike asks John, "Can you you re welcome tell me which is smaller, 3/4 or 0.34?"

John is clueless as both the numbers perform not have the same form.

He cananswer the question with ease if he could represent both in the same form i.e. One of two people both in decimal or in fraction.


Let'ssee how to perform that.

Lesson Plan

1.What Is 3/4 as a Decimal?
2.Notes on 3/4 as a Decimal
3.Think out of the box!
4.Solved examples on 3/4 as a Decimal
5.Interactive concerns on 3/4 together a Decimal

What Is 3/4 together aDecimal?

The native "Decimal" is derivedfrom the Latin native Decimus which way one-tenth. The decimal system has actually base 10

1/10 together a decimal method 0.1 and also 1/100 to represent 0.01

When we transform a fraction into decimal form, we transform it right into a number that has a denominator 1. So, the numerator takes a kind that has actually a decimal pointin it.

The decimalform of\(\dfrac34\,\) is 0.75

Visualizing 0.75

Look at the square grid having actually 100 grids. Every square below will stand for the fraction \(\dfrac1100\)

0.75 = 0.5 + 0.25

0.5 = 0.50 which means 50 the end of 100 and 0.25 denotes 25 out of 100


Let's proceed to find out the methods to convert 3/4 right into decimal form.

How to change 3/4 together a Decimal?

The fraction\(\dfrac34\,\)can be converted to a form with denominator 1 by detect its decimal form.

To gain the decimal type of \(\dfrac34\,\), assorted approaches are possible.

Method 1

In this method, us use long division.


Here, numerator = 3 and Denominator = 4. Let's divide 3 through 4


We attain the remainder 3 ~ above division. So, we continue the department till we gain remainder 0


A decimal suggest is placed after 3 and we add a 0 to proceed division. This likewise introduces a decimal allude in the quotient ~ 0. Now, we have actually the remainder 30

\<4\times 7 = 28\> and,\<30-28=2\>

Remainder = 2. So, we continue dividing.

Put one much more 0 after the decimal in the dividend and also bring it under to make the remainder 20 now.


\(4\times 5 = 20\) and\(20-20=0\)

Remainder = 0. So, we protect against dividing. The quotient gives the decimal type of \(\dfrac34\).

\(\dfrac34=0.75\textDecimal form\)


We can use this an approach forconverting any fraction to decimal form.

Example: Let's try representing thefraction3/8 as a decimal.

Numerator = 3, Denominator = 8

Let's use lengthy division.


We obtain, \<\dfrac38 = 0.375\>

Method 2

The other technique is to transform the portion into its equivalent fraction with a denominator as a power of 10

Example:Consider \(\dfrac32\), we have the right to express 3/2 together adecimal by converting it right into its equivalent fraction with denominator 10

\beginalign \dfrac32&=\dfrac3\times 52\times 5\\&=\dfrac1510\\&=1.5\endalign

In thefraction\(\dfrac34\), denominator = 4

We must look because that a multiple of 4 i m sorry is a strength of 10

The an initial power that 10 is 10 which is nota many of 4. So, let's look in ~ the second multiple i.e. 100, i beg your pardon is a lot of of 4


\beginalign \dfrac34&=\dfrac3\times 254\times 25\\&=\dfrac75100\endalign

Now, observe the there are 2 zeros in the denominator.

So, there will certainly be 2 digits after ~ decimal in the numerator.

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We deserve to even convert a decimal to a fraction. Because that this, we consider the number of digits ~ the decimal.