This short article will give you a clear idea the what walk Neta way in Spanish. Neta is a word indigenous the Spanish language that way net. Network is a maker made of fabric or ropes tied together to record things choose fish. Another definition of network is once we describe a network, for example, the network the a company.

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On the various other hand, in part countries, ‘la neta’ is provided as a slang expression that method ‘la verdad’ analyzed into the English language as ‘the truth’.

Vocabulary:neta, neto – netla neta (la verdad) – the truered – network

What walk ‘la neta’ median in Spanish?

This expression is analyzed in the English language as: the true..

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Conversation:Marta: Pedro, ¿estas tú mintiéndome? | Pedro, space you lying come me?Pedro: te aseguro que es la neta (Te aseguro que es la verdad) | I assure you the it is the truthExamples:
‘El niño atrapaba mariposas con su red’‘El beneficio neto de la empresa se disparóen el último año’.
‘The kid was catching butterflies v his net’‘The company’s network profit sky-rocketed in the last year’

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