Are you wonder why a man ‘friend’ hugged girlfriend first? Well, there space a many reasons why males make together a move.

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Let’s explore each and also every one of them below.

1) the likes you!

A male who hugs you an initial may median a most things. While many of them room friendly (see below,) there’s constantly the possibility that the likes you.

So exactly how do you recognize for sure?

For one, he hugs you roughly the waist. That way, when he leans back, he gets to watch at your beautiful eyes.

Another means he could show affection is by hugging girlfriend from behind. Think the it together a stand cuddle. This position, after ~ all, enables him to speak to other world – there is no letting go of you.

When the clings come you, you’ll notice how he gently caresses her back.

You’ll likewise feel the intense push of the hug. He’s definitely into you when he makes a tight bear hug!

The frequency of hugs is an additional telltale sign. If he initiated a hug yesterday – and also another one today, it’s evident that the can’t get enough of you!

2) he is sexually attractive to you

Depending on exactly how you look in ~ things, his hug – i m sorry is his means of being sexual – could be a boon or bust for you.

If you like a no-holds-barred fling, climate you could heed his contact for an easy release.

But if you’re trying to find a committed relationship, yes no avoiding you from transforming him down. You could always decrease his invitation – politely, the course.

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The vital here is to be honest. Simply tell him that you’re not trying to find that type of relationship. If he’s tires enough, he’ll take it this in stride.

3) he is greeting you

It’s surprising once a man – specifically one you simply met – initiates a hug. But before you put a romantic thought into it, girlfriend should understand that it might be his way of greeting you.

As Forsell and Åström’s research puts it:

“In the west world… Greeting habits varies native a nod to a colleague or acquaintances to a closer salutation consist of of a handshake with a hug (defined together enclosing and pressing each other’s bodies and sometimes kissing.).”

This type of familiar greeting is what the authors explain as a “light hug.” It may be linked with kissing the cheeks. There may be – or may not it is in – some handshaking involved.

While hugs (with kisses) room usually booked for near friends, some approach acquaintances the same. Yes, they’ll hug world who have just been introduced to them.

4) he’s saying goodbye


Just as a hug is a means of saying hello, it may additionally be a guy’s way of saying goodbye.

Picking increase from Forsell and Åström’s research, the authors go on come say:

“Hugging wake up in such situations and is express in plenty of social contexts, because that example, once saying goodbye ~ parties.”

So if he hugged you together a greeting- safe to speak – you could expect a good-bye hug indigenous him as well!

5) he’s happy

Whenever a male initiates a hug, it’s crucial to read the room first. The way, girlfriend won’t get to unfounded conclusions.

First of all, are most of the civilization hugging there? for example, you can be at a graduation party where human being are repetitively hugging and also shaking hands. If he hugs friend first, climate he probably thinks that the case calls because that it.

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Granted that no everybody’s hugging, you should consider the set-up. Space you in a sporting activities bar and also his team won? that embracing friend – along with a few pints of beer – might be his way of celebrating!

6) …or he is sad

While most guys hug various other people since of slim delight, some perform so since they feel sad. Apart from embracing you, you’ll notification other indications of sadness. That may have actually a quivering/trembling voice, or he might be tearing up.

Even if he no confide any of his difficulties to you, a rapid hug might make him feeling better. After all, it deserve to lead to a flood of numerous ‘happy hormones,’ together as:

Dopamine, a ‘feel good’ hormone that have the right to make you feel happySerotonin, a hormone that improves mood by regulating feelings the lonelinessOxytocin, a hormone that conveys warm, fuzzy comfort

7) he’s a great friend

Men and women don’t always have to go after romance – they have the right to be good friends too. And for this male friend the yours, hugging may be his means of being a an excellent pal.

So just how do you know it’s a mere trusted hug?

According come Forsell and also Åström, it’s something the goes “Side-by-side, with arms on every other’s shoulders.”

Should he hug friend from the front, you’ll an alert how he might use only one hand. He may do a quick or straightforward pat in ~ the back.

A ‘friend’ will store your upper bodies close, yet he will certainly distance his hips away from yours. The doesn’t want you come think of his hug together something romantic or sexual.

The duration of the hug is a dead giveaway too. It’s often really brief uneven you haven’t watched each other for ages!

8) he is thankful

Maybe you discovered him the collectible article he’s constantly wanted. Perhaps you did the a donate that aided him land a new job.

Whatever you did, his initiated hug might be his means of thanking you.

As Forsell and Åström placed it: “Extraordinary gratitude for something may initiate both handshaking and also hugging habits by the receiver.”

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Just think of the this way: if a guy offered you other or did you a favor, you’ll be embracing him the end of the blue as well!

9) the his way of speak congratulations


Congratulations! You finally got the promotion you so highly deserve.

To your surprise, a masculine officemate approaches you and also hugs you out of the blue.

Romantic? No. He’s married. Also, it’s a quick one, and also he only supplied one hand.

Friendly? Maybe. Yet he’s an ext of an acquaintance. You only ever before talk come him when it comes to work matters.

If you have crossed both points out, climate there’s one possibility left: his hug is his method of congratulating you.

As psychologists Forsell and Åström define it: “The hugging style during congratulations… is based top top the toughness of the emotions connected with the matter at hand.”

In various other words, he’s just so happy for you due to the fact that you lastly got what you deserve!

10) It’s component of his culture (or psyche)

You may be supplied to males who shake your hand or say hi to you once they fulfill you. Understandably so, it might be confusing as soon as a man hugs you first.

What you should understand below is the hugging may be one integral component of his culture. Circling back to Forsell and also Åström’s study, some cultures adopt – fine – a full embrace.

This habit is frequently seen in Russian and French males, also when they’re connecting with men.

The same goes through Latinos and Southern Europeans, who hug civilization as a custom.

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Another point to consider: he might be raised in an setting where hugging is the norm.

So don’t be surprised if the hugs you, especially if the does that with many people. It’s just the method he’s wired!

11) He wants to relief you

Maybe you’re pertained to about certain things. For this reason if a male hugs girlfriend first, with a few taps ~ above the back, it can be his way to reassure you.

Hugs are soothing, after ~ all. Follow to a report, it’s an excellent way to present empathy.

Think of the this way: his hug is an ext of a comforting play on her shoulder.

You deserve to do it. You’ll be okay.

Whatever your issues might be, his hug have to make you feel far better – also if just for a while.

12) He desires to ease your anxiety

This male must’ve checked out you down or sad, also though she trying tough not to present it.

His hug, which might last about three seconds, might be his attempt to ease her anxiety.

Remember: actions room louder than words. His hug – which frequently comes with quick pats – may be a method for him come say ‘there, there.’

A man who desires to relief you may additionally do so through a one-sided hug. He’s the active one here, while you, the receiver, are just passive (or limp.) You’re worried, ~ all.

Scientifically speaking, hugs may aid reduce stress and also anxiety. Follow to a study, affectionate touching – like hugs – aided decrease the uneasiness feel by the participants.

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In an additional study, results verified that hugs led to changes in certain hormone levels. These, in turn, assisted lower stress and anxiety levels, and blood pressure and heart rate.

13) He wants to assist you cope

Whether he’s your crush or a trusted friend, his hug might be his method to help you cope.

You might be emotion some problem towards the or another person. ~ above the various other hand, you may be sad that a loved one has passed away.

He knows that with a an easy hug, the may assist ease the negativities the you feel.

Of course, he’s right to carry out so! research has presented that civilization who obtained hugs – at the very least once a job – felt much better – even if they to be facing plenty of problems.

Those who didn’t, however, felt poor – up until the following day.

Again, this is proof that the hug – a type of affectionate touch – may enhance a person’s well-being. And while he may not utter anything together he hugs you, his long embrace is worth an ext than a thousands words.

14) he’s trying to relax his stress


A guy who hugs friend isn’t always doing it for you. He might be doing it because that himself as well.

As Forsell and also Åström have proclaimed in their examine that “A short hug… substantially reduces the harmful physical results of stress.”

The very same study says that hugging deserve to lead to:

So if girlfriend feel the he’s in dire require of some stress and anxiety buster, hug that back!

15) He’s acquainted with the benefits of hugging

It’s obvious: hugging can assist ease anxiety and also relieve stress. But much more than simply calming your mind, a hug is good for your physical wellness too!

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That said, nothing be surprised if a guy you recognize hugs you first. He to know it could:

Relieve pain. If you hurting – mentally or physically – his hug might do you good. As mentioned, hugs aid increase oxytocin levels. Except calming friend down, this hormone can assist reduce inflammation in the body.Better heart health. As I’ve said, a hug-induced spike in cortisol can aid manage her blood pressure and heart price levels. It additionally helps mitigate stress, which deserve to bring around heart disease.Boost your immune system. A hug place some push on the sternum or the breastbone. This then stimulates the thymus gland, which help stimulate white blood cell (WBC). With an ext natural defenders in her bloodstream, you have actually a much better chance the fighting infections!

16) be wary: he’s a pickpocket!

Most of the time, a guy who hugs you first has great intentions. Although this is the case, you should be wary of guys you right know.

He might hug you because he wants to steal your belongings!

It’s what the UK’s urban Police deem as ‘hugger mugging.’ In this dirty trick, the man will it is in over-friendly come you without any reason at all.

And because you’re surprised through his hug, you won’t realize that he’s currently reaching for her wallet!

Final thoughts

A guy can mean a many things as soon as he hugs girlfriend first.

It might be his means to greet or say goodbye to other people.

He may also be hugging you due to the fact that he’s happy, sad, or thankful.

He could be a an excellent friend – or hugging might be component of his culture.

Hugging may likewise be his means of reassuring you and also easing your anxiety. In ~ the same time, it may be his means to relieve his stress and anxiety as well!

While an initiated hug might mean the likes you, you should be wary around some men: some rotate out to it is in pickpockets!

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