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Thomas Jefferson, oil on wood by Gilbert Stuart, c. 1821; in the national Gallery the Art, Washington, D.C. 66 × 54.5 cm.
Courtesy national Gallery the Art, Washington, D.C., Gift of cutting board Jefferson Coolidge IV in storage of his great-grandfather, cutting board Jefferson Coolidge, his grandfather, cutting board Jefferson Coolidge II, and his father, thomas Jefferson Coolidge III, 1986.71.

Though unfamiliarity with disputed presidential elections and also the indirectness of the electoral system caused low public interest, the choice was closely fought—in part because of the rapidly creating party divide. The result was a narrow success for Adams, who brought 71 electoral votes to Jefferson’s 68. Adams swept the northeast, if Jefferson won lot of the south and also west. Under the original electoral system devised under the structure (not adjusted until the Twelfth amendment in 1804), Jefferson ended up being Adams’s vice president—a situation that, fan to your conflicting politics parties, proved challenging for the Adams administration.


For the results of the ahead election, see United states presidential election of 1792. Because that the results of the subsequent election, see United says presidential choice of 1800.

Results of the 1796 election

The outcomes of the 1796 U.S. Presidential election are noted in the table.

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American presidential election, 1796 presidential candidate politics party electoral votes popular votes*
*Electors were favored by legislatures in countless states, not by renowned vote.
Source: United claims Office of the commonwealth Register.
man Adams Federalist 71
cutting board Jefferson Democratic-Republican 68
cutting board Pinckney Federalist 59
Aaron Burr Anti-Federalist 30
Samuel Adams Democratic-Republican 15
Oliver Ellsworth Federalist 11
George Clinton Democratic-Republican 7
man Jay Independent-Federalist 5
James Iredell Federalist 3
George Washington Federalist 2
john Henry live independence 2
Samuel Johnston Independent-Federalist 2
Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Independent-Federalist 1

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