2. Some HIDS usage heuristic based detection which consequently uses a cipher key to determine if one alert should be triggered?


3. To encrypt a message?

a. Just a cipher is requiredb. Just a vital is requiredx c. Both a vital and a cipher are compelled d. Neither secrets nor ciphers are supplied in post encryption

4. What is the minimum password length required by AR 25-2?

a. 8 charactersb. 6 charactersx c. 10 personalities d. 4 characters

5. What go the acronym DIACAP stand for?

x a. DoD information Assurance Certification and Accreditation process b. Department of info Assurance Computer activity Program c. DoD details Assurance Certification and also Accreditation regimen d. DoD Information design Computer Administrator Program

6. What is/are the objectives of the Army's best Business Practices?

a. To administer implementing directives and guidance for army regulations and policyb. To administer administrative, operational, and also technical solution securityc. To meet transforming technology or IA requirementsx d. All of the above

7. Symmetric encryption involves?

a. A public and also private keyx b. A shared secret an essential c. A MD5 hash d. A sequence of shared keys

8. I m sorry of the following certifications have been approved by the room of Defense together baseline certifications for monitoring Level I?

a. GIAC details Security Fundamentals (GISF)b. GIAC Security management Certificate (GSLC)c. Security+x d. All of the above.

9. Developing an occurrence response ability includes?

a. Develop an incident an answer policy and training the response teamb. Build procedures because that performing occurrence handling and also reportingc. Setting communication guidelines and identifying vital personnelx d. All of the above

10. Military wireless networks must accomplish all the exact same security requirements of a wired LAN?

x a. TRUE b. FALSE

11. Phishing is?

a. When someone transforms a DNS that reasons you to it is in redirected come a hacker preferred websitex b. Once someone sends an unsolicited email that appears to be legitimate but is designed come trick the recipient. C. As soon as someone searches with the trash for valuable information d. As soon as packets are recorded off the the network

12. Authentication is based on?

a. Other a human being isb. Something a person knowsc. Other a person hasx d. Every one of the above

13. Threat is determined from the evaluation of available safeguards for IS assets, security requirements, risks and?

x a. Vulnerabilities b. Personnel c. References d. Procedures

14. A major drawback from behavior Based Detection is the boosted number of?

a. False negativesb. True negativesx c. False positives d. True positives

15. Which army Regulation defines and mandates the Defense in Depth strategy?

a. AR 380-53x? b. AR 25-2 c. AR 25-1 d. AR 380-5

16. Your computer is compromised. You need to disconnect native the network, execute a system backup, reboot the system, and contact the ACERT?


17. What room the 3 phases a hacker walk through before attacking their victim?

x a. Footprinting, scanning, and also enumeration b. Footprinting, searching, and also enumeration c. Footprinting, scanning, and evaluation d. Footprinting, scanning, and also engineering

18. A potential reason for an insider assault could be?

a. A payraisex b. A missed promotion c. Better IT maintain d. The holiday season

19. In order for a firewall come effectively manage traffic flow?

a. It need to be both a router and a switchb. It have to statelessx c. All traffic have to be make to circulation through it d. It should utilize VPNs

20. A Hybrid IDS is a mix of which varieties of IDS?

a. HIDS and also PIDSx b. HIDS and also NIDS c. APIDS and PIDS d. NIDS and APIDS

21. An notice of a software exploit or detection of a harbor scan are instances of?

a. A precursorx b. An event c. An anomaly d. A programmer error

22. A screened subnet typically enjoys more security 보다 a hold in the DMZ?

x a. TRUE b. FALSE

23. Spyware is?

a. A regime that openly gathers information about a user.b. A program that converts the network adaptor to promiscuous modec. A routine that replicates itself and mails chin to deal with book entriesx d. A regimen that covertly gathers information around a user

24. The DoD regulation the governs DoD wireless networks is?

a. DoDD 3895.2b. DoDD 4790.2x c. DoDD 8100.2 d. DoDD 8500.3

25. DITSCAP supersedes DIACAP?


26. Asymmetric encryption involves?

a. A MD5 hashb. A series of 4 keysx c. A public and also private key d. A shared secret key

27. An example of an event is?

a. Sluggish downloadsx b. One intrusion detection alert c. A received cookie d. One IP conflict

28. What space the three confidentiality levels (CL) which are supplied in the DIACAP?

a. Sensitive, Classified and also Top Secretx b. Classified, Sensitive and also Public c. Need-to-Know, Need-to-Share and also Public d. CSI, CIA and DoDS

29. The computer system fraud and also abuse act was passed in 1986 to combat?

a. Wiretappingb. Non-cost effective computer system securityc. Identity theftx d. Hacking

30. What space the three simple choices in danger management?

a. Avoidance, acceptance, and duplicationb. Avoidance, acceptance, and also anticipationc. Avoidance, reduction, and collectionx d. Reduction, acceptance, and avoidance

31. Teardrop is a?

a. Spoofing attackx b. Packet fragmentation attack c. An assault utilizing a zombie d. Guy in the middle attack

32. What is the 802.11 protocol that enhances wireless security?

a. 802.11ab. 802.11bc. 802.11gx d. 802.11i

33. One IA regulate is?

x a. An objective IA condition of integrity, availability, or confidentiality achieved through the application of particular safeguards b. IA personnel assigned to regulate the IA procedure c. An IA asset that is evaluated throughout the DIACAP d. An AI asset that meets the problem of Integrity, ease of access and Confidentiality

34. What form of IDS assumes that an intrusion can be detected by observing the deviation of common network traffic?

a. HIDSx b. Signature Based c. APIDS d. BIDS

35. As soon as talking around incidents, a precursor is?

a. An occurrence that happened previouslyb. An alert come a buffer overflowx c. A authorize that an incident may take place in the future d. Antivirus detecting one infection

36. In regards to details Systems (IS), the DoD has three Mission Assurance Categories, MAC I, II and III. I beg your pardon MAC designation needs the many stringent protection measures?

a. MAC IIIb. MAC IIc. MAC I and also IIx d. MAC I

37. In symmetric encryption?

a. Both the sender and also receiver have actually a private an essential and they share a public keyx b. Both the sender and also receiver share the same crucial c. Both the sender and receiver have a private crucial and a public vital that lock exchange d. Both the sender and receiver usage a public crucial held by in vital escrow

38. Which army Regulation offers guidance because that the suitable handling of sensitive unclassified material?

a. AR 25-1b. AR 25-2x c. AR 380-5 d. AR 380-53

39. I m sorry of the following scan is both reliable for all OS's and stealthy?

a. UDP scanb. FIN scanx c. SYN scan d. ICMP scan

40. Which of the following encryption algorithms is FIPS 140-2 compliant?

a. TKIPx b. AES c. WEP d. DES

41. Bluetooth devices can be supplied to process classified data?


42. The DOD Instruction i beg your pardon covers DIACAP states that the IA posture of an company will be reviewed every two years?

x a. TRUE b. FALSE

43. Which can be the more costly?

x a. Reacting to a security incident b. Avoiding a defense incident

44. In asymmetric encryption?

a. Both the sender and also receiver have actually a private vital and a common private keyb. Both the sender and receiver share the same keyx c. Both the sender and receiver have a private vital and a public key d. Both the sender and also receiver usage a public an essential from a third party

45. Once an IDS fails to detect an strike this is taken into consideration to be a false positive


46. In accordance with the Wireless protection Standards BPP, the ESSID/SSID transfer option should be turned turn off at the access point?

x a. TRUE b. FALSE

47. Making use of Public an essential Encryption, how would John and Jim send an encrypted message in between parties?

a. Man would usage Jim’s private an essential to encrypt and then Jim would usage his public vital to decrypt.b. Man would use Jim’s public crucial to encrypt and also then Jim would use John’s public key to decrypt.c. John would usage his private an essential to encrypt and also Jim would use his private vital to decrypt.x d. Man would use Jim’s public key to encrypt and also Jim would usage his private an essential to decrypt.

48. COOP strategy consists of?

a. Disaster planningb. Earlier up strategiesc. Contingency and also recovery plansx d.

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Every one of the above

49. Which kind of Intrusion Detection System deserve to only take it logging and also alerting types of actions when an attack is identified?