Every four years, U.S. Presidential candidates complete in a series of state contests to acquire their party’s nomination. The political process is one of the most complicated and high-quality in the world.

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Sen. Barack Obama tide to the group at the 2008 democratic National Convention. Brian Snyder/Reuters
Lasting an ext than a year, the U.S. Presidential campaign and nominating procedure is among thelongest and mostexpensive in the world.The candidates that win the biggest share of their party’s delegates secure the nomination and a berth in the general election.The nationwide party conventions are mostly ceremonial occasions that promoteeach party’s candidates, leaders, and also rising stars.


The presidential nominating procedure in the joined States is one of the most complex, lengthy, and also expensive in the world. Every four years, presidential candidates contend in a collection of state contests throughout the winter and spring before the general election to get their party’s nomination. At stake in every contest—either a major or caucus—is a certain number of delegates, or people who represent their claims at national party conventions. The candidate who accumulates the largest share of their party’s delegates throughout the monthslong procedure wins the nomination and also a berth in the basic election race.

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Many presidential candidates start campaigning informally in early-voting states such as Iowa and new Hampshire more than a year prior to their primary events. In 2020, the major calendar kicks off on February 3, once both the Republican and Democratic Parties host their Iowa caucuses. However, Republican Party leaders in numerous states have canceled their contests, citing the stamin of chairman Donald J. Trump’s incumbent bid and the desire to conserve costs. The primary season ends at the nationwide conventions this summer, once party delegates officially pick their nominee. Because the next made the process more transparent in the 1970s, presumptive nominees have actually often emerged much earlier, occasionally only ~ a few weeks that voting.

What is a caucus?

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Often hosted at college gyms, city halls, and also other public venues, caucuses are regional meetings that are financed and also managed by the two major parties in i m sorry registered party members conference to discuss and express support for the assorted presidential candidates. The parties operation their occasions a little differently. For instance, in Iowa in 2016, Republicans actors a secret ballot because that their preferred candidate, while democracy physically group themselves follow to the candidate lock supported and then took a tally. Autonomous candidates must attract a minimum percentage of all the attendees to get delegates. (Reformers in the 1970s presented a viability threshold come weed out smaller, possibly divisive factions.)