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18. A lightning rod gives a low resistance course to the soil so once lightning strikes, the result charges have the right to be rapidly discharged without affecting the structure hence option B is exactly Q19. Gravitational pressure =G*m…View the complete answer

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Transcribed photo text: 18) The primary purpose the a lightning pole is to A)attract lightning and also guide it to the ground B) discharge the framework to which the is attached. C) release the electrical field within the structure to which the is attached. D) induce within the framework to which the is enclosed a fee opposite to the of fee clouds overhead 19) 2 protons lure each various other gravitationally and repel each various other electrically. By far the higher is A) the gravitational attraction.B) the electrical repulsion. C) neither-they are the same. 20) Evaporation is a cooling process because A) heat is radiated throughout the process B) the conduction and convection C) the more energetic molecules space able to escape the liquid D) the temperature of the continuing to be liquld decreases E) no one of these. 21) contrasted to a glass that icewater v ice in it, a glass of plain ice-cold water without ice cream on a warmth day will heat up A) faster B) slower C) in the same amount the time. 22) In our part of the universe, antimatter is A) non-existent. B) rare. C) short-lived. D) plentifal. E) 2 of these. 23) In a closeup of the door bottle room a certain number of hydrogen molecules. In an identical closed party at the very same temperature and also internal press are a certain number of nitrogen molecules. The bottle v the greater number of molecules is the one containing A)hydrogen. B) nitrogen C) both the same. 24) contrasted to the atom that comprise the body of an elderly person, the atom that comprise the body of a B) in reality older newborn baby room A) more recent C) the very same age. 25) The volume of matter comes greatly from the B) electrons. A) protons. 26) If us doubled the magnifying strength of the most an effective optical microscope in the world, we would certainly A) be able to see individual atom B) have the ability to photograph individual atoms, even though we couldn't view them. C)still not be able to see an atom. B) reflect radiation fairly well. D) neither of these. 27) Objects the radiate relatively well, A) absorb radiation reasonably well. C) both the these.