This story concentrates largely top top the design template of greed and also its negative effects. Tom pedestrian is recognized throughout the Charles Bay because that his greed, and also it is this greed that leads the to market his spirit to the adversary in exchange because that money. Tom"s plight is supposed to warning readers no to allow greed blind them, for, as is the instance in "The Devil and Tom Walker," it have the right to have damaging consequences.

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Tom"s choices in this story space reflections the his valuing product wealth and also financial prosperity over the health of others. The is much more concerned v the ns of his an important property than he is with the murder of his wife by Old Scratch. He reflects no sympathy for those who concerned him seek loans, and also instead bleeds castle dry. Tom"s values lie in the dorn place, and in the end he is punished for it.


The layout of religion likewise figures prominently into this story, particularly at the finish when Tom trust he can atone because that his sins by play a devout Christian top top the outside, when still continuing his miserly, heartless practices. The story condemns the hypocrisy that often accompanies religion, simply as Tom displays in the text. This story additionally subtly condemns Puritans for their intolerance in persecuting those who do not believe what they do.


When bargaining through anyone—this case in particular, v the devil—caution need to be taken, and also "The Devil and Tom Walker" makes this incredibly clear. Tom does not anticipate the after-effects of the deal he has agreed to, and afterwards faces the fearful prospect of an eternity of damnation due to the fact that of it. Tom"s wife is not mindful when she rushes to agree to the devil"s terms, and as a result, she is murdered. The is a clear message to readers to be mindful where they tread once making encounters everyone; for sure the state are taken fully, or one may find himself regretting the to which onehas agreed.


In this story, Old scrape knows precisely what that takes to manipulate Tom into agreeing with his terms: a promise of enough wealth and riches to last him the rest of his life. In turn, Tom manipulates the client who concerned him because that loans, playing on your poverty and also lust for much better lives to bleed them dried of every coin they have. Manipulation can occur overtly or discreetly; in this story, nobody realizes they"ve been manipulated till it is much too late.

Good vs. Evil

As this is a tale around a address the devil, the template of an excellent versus evil naturally comes into play. The story suggeststhat greed and also hypocrisy are the source of evil, and also from Tom"s fate it is clear the these perform not walk unpunished. However, this story likewise implies that this fate is avoidable: through a collection of appropriate values and sound judgment, civilization can live "good" lives, combat evil, and evade the adversary as Tom was unable to do.

Moral Decay

Though Tom"s morals are absolutely not in the right location at the beginning of the story, they proceed to decay as time walk on, until at some point Tom has come to be so immoral the he is akin to the adversary himself. In ~ first, Tom is wake up to agree to Old Scratch"s terms, also though money is involved. Slowly but surely, though, Old scrape chips far at his principles until it has actually decayed completely, and he deserve to look a negative man in the face, whom he has bled out of money, and claim he has not make a cent turn off of him.

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In most stories involving the devil, the adversary incarnate represents temptation; this one is no different. Tom"s interactions with Old Scratch illustrate just how destructive temptation have the right to be, and also they warn readers to be exceptionally cautious before giving themselves over to it. The is a display of stamin to be able to resist desire in donate of what is right; Tom to be weak, and also he payment the price.

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