Consult Webster’s. If Webster’s says “often” or “mostly” or “usually,” capitalize. If it claims “sometimes,” use discretion.

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Hyphenated compound in appropriate names or in titles: every Chicago 16 ed., capitalize the second element (e.g., "A Two-Thirds bulk of Non-English-Speaking Representatives"). See Chicago 8.161 because that exceptions come this rule.

Brand name that start with a lower-case letter: retain the lower-case even when that name starts a sentence (e.g., "iPods are all over these days.")

The committed vocabulary that a specific discipline may encompass words that are capitalized only in the discipline, e.g., various other or scripture (Bible studies). If unsure whether the capitalized type is generally accepted within the discipline, query the reviewer or someone else fine qualified.

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Capitalize the generally welcomed names of historical periods and also movements.

Capitalize the surname of a details art or architecture movement, group, or layout (the Impressionism that Monet). Lowercase such a term as soon as it is offered in a basic sense (John Manley’s paintings are impressionistic in manner). The prefix neo is lowercased uneven specifically embraced by a group or activity as part of its name: the Neo-Impressionism that Seurat, but John Manley works in a neo-Dada manner. 



Age the Reasonancient Greeceantiquityanti-Semitismart nouveaubaroque periodBerlin WallBiblebiblicalbig bangBlack (in referral to those of african descent)Bronze Ageclassical periodCivil legal rights MovementCold WarColonial (18th-century US)Common Core communismcommunistCommunist PartyConfessing ChurchCounter ReformationcubismDark AgesEnlightenment (18th-century thoughtful movement)Epistles (as ar of scriptures or particular reference, i.e., Epistle to the Romans)euro (currency)EvangelicalexistentialismExpressionismfascism (general concept)fascistFascism, Fascist Party (20th-century Italy)fauvismFestschriftFinal Solutionfin de siècleGilded AgeGlobal North/South gold rushGolden AgeGospelsGothic (only in context of art and architecture; small letter in referral to novels or films)Great Depression or the DepressionGreat society (aka lindon Johnson"s great Society)Hellenistic periodImpressionismImpressionistindigenousIndustrial RevolutioninternetiPodleft soup (n.)left-wing (adj.)the LeftListserv (trademark)MarxismMarxistMarxism-LeninismMiddle Ages; High middle Ages; late middle Ages; beforehand Middle AgesmodernismNative American, Nativenaturalismthe netNew Criticism (context of literary criticism)New southern (1865 ff.)New TestamentNew WorldNobel Prizethe north (US)Northern/Northerner (capped just in Civil war contexts)Old TestamentOld WorldOpen source Initiativeopen resource platformthe OtherpopePost-ImpressionismpostmodernProgressive Era (early-20th-century us movement)Progressive PartyProgressivesPopulism (late-18th-century politics movement)PopulistPopulist Partypro-choiceProhibitionpro-lifeReformation; counter ReformationRenaissance; High Renaissancethe revolution (American)right wing (n.)right-wing (adj.)the RightRoaring TwentiesRomanticism (18th-century movement)RomanticSemitismsocialismsocialistsurrealismTen CommandmentsThird WorldtranscendentalismVictorian erawar ~ above terrorthe webwebcastweb pagewebsiteWho"s WhoWorld SeriesWorld vast Web