can anyone phone call me the equivalency in between Indian timeless Saptak, i.e. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa and Western Notes, C D E F G A B

It is Sa ~ C, Re ~ D, Ga ~ E, etc, or is the something else.

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Please allow me know

Reason I"m questioning is, I"d love to be able to play on Bansuri

Already this video clip sounds quite comparable to execute a Deer A woman Deer


I didn"t know around it yet I"ve newly seen this syllables once I was looking increase Kodaly.

I think Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa is not matching to the C D E F G but to the moveale do Re Mi.


yes that is:

These seven swaras are shortened to Sa, Ri (Carnatic) or Re (Hindustani), Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, and also Ni. Collectively these notes are well-known as the sargam (the indigenous is one acronym the the consonant of the very first four swaras).

Sargam is the Indian indistinguishable to solfege, a technique for the to teach of sight-singin.The tone Sa is, as in west moveable-Do solfège, the tonic that a piece or scale.

(may be you"ll need to look increase "movable do" or "moveable do re mi" right here in this SE, you"ll find a lot explanations.)

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So the quick answer come your inquiry is no, its not a one come one post in the general case.

The lengthy answer

So over there is a an essential differences in how pitches are defined in both western and also Indian modern systems. In the western device there is a set of "standards" for specifying pitches. One such example is the concert tuning :

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The many commonly defined standard defines a pitch (lets to speak A4 = 440Hz) and also uses the same temperament tuning to specify the various other pitches. The formula is f(n) / f(n - 1) = 2 ^ (1/12). Therefore for circumstances A#4 = 440 * 2^(1/12) Hz.

This defines an entire collection of notes along with its characterized frequencies. Some standards differ (some folks like defining A4 together 432 Hz) but the main argument of pure pitches does not change.

The Indian timeless traditions go not have actually such one absolute structure of reference. A "Sa" can be any kind of real number frequency. Lets say the frequency is f. Then the "Pa" is 1.5 times "Sa" therefore 1.5f. Every of the note in the Sargam is some portion of "Sa" based on just intonation.

So when its feasible to define your Sa as C and draw a post (well almost, equal temperament is no a perfect mapping to simply intonation), friend can additionally defined her Sa as C4 - 10hz, i m sorry does not map to any kind of of the concert pitches. (A notable example would be contemporary sitar football player tuning your Sa in between C# and D together their Sa).