Units Converter Formulas

Source DataThis service uses conversion factors referenced from source material native the nationwide Institute of standards andTechnology (NIST) in all possible cases. The key source paper is provided for your reference.Guide for the use of the global System of devices (SI)NIST special Publication 811Linkto NIST siteDownloadPDFConversion FormulaThe systems Converter supplies the complying with mathematical equation.Converted Value=Conversion variable for initial unit to common unit XMultiply by value toConvertConversion aspect for newunit to typical unitConversion FactorsThe units Converter supplies the adhering to conversion factors.AccelerationAcceleration conversions to meter per 2nd squared (m/s²).From UnitTo UnitMultiply Bycentimeters per 2nd squared (cm/s²)(m/s²)1.000 000 E-02feet per second squared (ft/s²)(m/s²)3.048 000 E-01g"s (gravity)(m/s²)9.806 650 E+00inches per second squared (in/s²)(m/s²)2.540 000 E-02meters per 2nd squared (m/s²)(m/s²)1.000 000 E+00 AngleAngle conversions to degrees (°).From UnitTo UnitMultiply Bydegree (°)(°)1.000 000 E+00grade (gr)(°)9.000 000 E-01minute (min)(°)1.666 667 E-02quadrant (quad)(°)9.000 000 E+01radian (rad)(°)5.729 578 E+01revolution (rev)(°)3.600 000 E+02second (s)(°)2.777 778 E-04Angular AccelerationAngular acceleration conversions come radian per 2nd squared (rad/s²).From UnitTo UnitMultiply Byradian per second squared (rad/s²)(rad/s²)1.000 000 E+00revolution per minute 2nd (rev/(min-sec))(rad/s²)1.047 198 E-01revolution every minute squared (rev/min²)(rad/s²)1.745 329 E-03revolution per second squared (rev/s²)(rad/s²)6.283 185 E+00Angular VelocityAngular velocity switch to levels per 2nd (°/s).From UnitTo UnitMultiply Bydegrees per hour (°/hr)(°/s)2.777 778 E-04degrees per minute (°/min)(°/s)1.666 632 E-02degrees per 2nd (°/s)(°/s)1.000 000 E+00radians per second (rad/s)(°/s)5.729 578 E+01revolutions per hour (rev/hr, rph)(°/s)1.000 000 E-01revolutions every minute (rev/min, rpm)(°/s)6.000 000 E+00revolutions per 2nd (rev/s, rps)(°/s)3.600 000 E+02AreaArea conversions come square centimeters (cm²).From UnitTo UnitMultiply Byacre (a)(cm²)4.046 856 E+07barn (b)(cm²)1.000 000 E-24circular mil (c m)(cm²)5.067 075 E-06darcy (d)(cm²)9.869 233 E-09hectare (ha)(cm²)1.000 000 E+08square centimeter (cm²)(cm²)1.000 000 E+00square foot (ft²)(cm²)9.290 304 E+02square inch (in²)(cm²)6.451 600 E+00square kilometre (km²)(cm²)1.000 000 E+10square meter(cm²)1.000 000 E+04square mile (mi²)(cm²)2.589 988 E+10square millimeter (mm²)(cm²)1.000 000 E-02square garden (yd²)(cm²)8.361 274 E+03Energy or WorkEnergy or work conversions to joule (J).From UnitsTo UnitMultiply ByBritish thermal unit (international) (BTU int"l)(J)1.055 056 E+03British heat unit (mean) (BTU mean)(J)1.055 870 E+03British thermal unit (thermodynamic) (BTU thermo)(J)1.054 350 E+03calorie (international) (cal int"l)(J)4.186 800 E+00calorie (mean) (cal mean)(J)4.190 200 E+00calorie (thermodynamic) (cal thermo)(J)4.184 000 E+00electron volt (eV)(J)1.602 190 E-19erg (erg)(J)1.000 000 E-07foot pound pressure (ft-lbf)(J)1.355 818 E+00foot poundal (ft-pdl)(J)4.214 011 E-02joule (J)(J)1.000 000 E+00kilocalorie (international) (kcal int"l)(J)4.186 800 E+03kilocalorie (mean) (kcal mean)(J)4.190 200 E+03kilocalorie (thermodynamic) (kcal thermo)(J)4.184 000 E+03kilogram calorie (international) (kg-cal int"l)(J)4.186 800 E+03kilogram calorie (mean) (kg-cal mean)(J)4.190 200 E+03kilogram calorie (thermodynamic) (kg-cal thermo)(J)4.184 000 E+03kilowatt hour (kW-h)(J)3.600 000 E+06therms (European)(J)1.055 060 E+08therms (U.S.)(J)1.054 804 E+08ton (nuclear equiv. TNT)(J)4.184 000 E+09watt hour (W-h)(J)3.600 000 E+03watt second (W-s)(J)1.000 000 E+00ForceForce conversions come dyne (dyn).From UnitsTo UnitMultiply Bydyne (dyn)(dyn)1.000 000 E+00joules every centimeter (J/cm)(dyn)1.000 000 E+07joules every meter (J/m)(dyn)1.000 000 E+05kilogram pressure (kgf)(dyn)9.806 650 E+05kilopound (kip)(dyn)4.448 222 E+08newton (N)(dyn)1.000 000 E+05ounce pressure (ozf)(dyn)2.781 250 E+04pound pressure (lbf)(dyn)4.448 222 E+05poundal (pdl)(dyn)1.382 600 E+04ton force (tonf)(dyn)8.896 443 E+08LengthLength conversions to meter (m).From UnitsTo UnitMultiply Byangstrom (Å)(m)1.000 000 E-10astronomical unit (au)(m)1.500 000 E+11centimeter (cm)(m)1.000 000 E-02chain(m)2.011 680 E+01fathom (f)(m)1.828 804 E+00fermi (fm)(m)1.000 000 E-15foot (ft)(m)3.048 000 E-01foot (U.S. Survey)(m)3.048 006 E-01inch (in)(m)2.540 000 E-02kilometer (km)(m)1.000 000 E+03light year (light yr)(m)9.460 550 E+15meter (m)(m)1.000 000 E+00microinch (µin)(m)2.540 000 E-08micron(m)1.000 000 E-06mile (int"l nautical) (nmi int"l)(m)1.852 000 E+03mile (international) (mi int"l)(m)1.609 344 E+03mile (U.S.

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Nautical) (nmi U.S.)(m)1.852 000 E+03mile (U.S. Statute) (mi U.S)(m)1.609 347 E+03millimeter (mm)(m)1.000 000 E-03mil(m)2.540 000 E-05parsec(m)3.085 678 E+16pica (printer"s) (p)(m)4.217 518 E-03point (printer"s) (pt)(m)3.514 598 E-04rod (rd)(m)5.029 210 E+00yard (yd)(m)9.144 000 E-01Mass massive conversions to kilograms (kg).From UnitsTo UnitMultiply Byatomic mass unit (amu)(kg)1.660 540 E-27carat (ct)(kg)2.000 000 E-04grain(kg)6.479 891 E-05gram (g)(kg)1.000 000 E-03hundredweight (long) (cwt)(kg)5.080 235 E+01hundredweight (short) (cwt)(kg)4.535 924 E+01kilogram (kg)(kg)1.000 000 E+00kilogram force seconds squared every meter (kgf-s²/m)(kg)9.806 650 E+00milligram (mg)(kg)1.000 000 E-06ounce (avoirdupois) (oz)(kg)2.834 952 E-02ounce (troy or apothecary) (oz troy)(kg)3.110 348 E-02pennyweight (pwt)(kg)1.555 170 E-03pounds fixed (avoirdupois) (lbm)(kg)4.535 924 E-01pounds massive (troy or apothecary) (lbm troy)(kg)3.732 418 E-01slug(kg)1.459 390 E+01stone(kg)6.350 293 E+00ton (assay) (t assay)(kg)2.916 670 E-02ton (long, 2240 lb) (t long)(kg)1.016 047 E+03ton (metric) (t metric)(kg)1.000 000 E+03ton (short, 2000 lb) (t short)(kg)9.071 847 E+02tonne(kg)1.000 000 E+03Power power conversions to watts (W).From UnitsTo UnitMultiply ByBritish thermal systems (int") every hour (BTU/hr int"l)(W)2.930 711 E-01British thermal systems (int") per 2nd (BTU/s int"l)(W)1.055 056 E+03British thermal units (thermo) every hour (BTU/hr thermo)(W)2.928 751 E-01British thermal systems (thermo) per second (BTU/s thermo)(W)1.054 350 E+03calorie (thermo) every minute (cal/min thermo)(W)6.973 333 E-02calorie (thermo) per second (cal/s thermo)(W)4.184 000 E+00ergs per second (erg/s thermo)(W)1.000 000 E-07foot pounds force per hour (ft-lbf/h)(W)3.766 161 E-04foot pounds force per second (ft-lbf/s)(W)1.355 818 E+00horsepower (550 ft-lb/s)(W)7.457 000 E+02horsepower (hp boiler)(W)9.809 500 E+03horsepower (hp electric)(W)7.460 000 E+02horsepower (hp metric)(W)7.354 990 E+02horsepower (hp water)(W)7.460 430 E+02kilocalories per minute (kcal/min therm)(W)6.973 333 E+01kilocalories per minute (kcal/s therm)(W)4.184 000 E+03ton (refrigeration)(W)3.517 000 E+03watt (W)(W)1.000 000 E+00Pressure push conversions to pascals (Pa).From UnitsTo UnitMultiply Byatmosphere (atm kgf/cm²)(Pa)9.806 650 E+04standard setting (atm std)(Pa)1.013 250 E+05bar(Pa)1.000 000 E+05centimeters the mercury (cm Hg 0°C)(Pa)1.333 220 E+03centimeters the water (cm water 4°C)(Pa)9.806 380 E+01dyne per square centimeter (dyne/cm²)(Pa)1.000 000 E-01foot that water (ft water 39.2°F)(Pa)2.988 980 E+03grams pressure per square centimeter (gf/cm²)(Pa)9.806 650 E+01inches the mercury (in Hg 32°F)(Pa)3.386 380 E+03inches of mercury (in Hg 60°F)(Pa)3.376 850 E+03inches the water (in water 39.2°F)(Pa)2.490 820 E+02inches the water (in water 60°F)(Pa)2.488 400 E+02kilograms pressure per square centimeter (kgf/cm²)(Pa)9.806 650 E+04kilograms force per square meter (kgf/m²)(Pa)9.806 650 E+00kilograms force per square millimeter (kgf/mm²)(Pa)9.806 650 E+06kilopascals (kPa)(Pa)1.000 000 E+03kilopounds per square customs (kip/in²)(Pa)6.894 757 E+06millibar (mbar)(Pa)1.000 000 E+02millimeters of mercury (mm Hg 0°C)(Pa)1.333 224 E+02Pascal (Pa)(Pa)1.000 000 E+00poundals every square foot (poundal/ft²)(Pa)1.488 164 E+00pounds per square foot (lbf/ft²)(Pa)4.788 026 E+01pounds per square inch (lbf/in²)(Pa)6.894 757 E+03pounds every square customs (psi)(Pa)6.894 757 E+03torr (mm Hg 0°C)(Pa)1.333 224 E+02TorqueTorque conversions come newton meter (N · m).From UnitsTo UnitMultiply Bydyne centimeter (dyne-cm)(N · m)1.000 000 E-07kilogram pressure meter (kgf-m)(N · m)9.806 650 E+00newton meter (N-m)(N · m)1.000 000 E+00inch ounce (in-oz)(N · m)7.061 552 E-03foot pound (ft-lbf)(N · m)1.355 818 E+00inch lb (in-lbf)(N · m)1.129 848 E-01VelocityVelocity switch to meter per second (m/s).From UnitsTo UnitMultiply Bycentimeters per hour (cm/hr)(m/s)2.780 000 E-06centimeters every minute (cm/min)(m/s)1.666 670 E-04centimeters per 2nd (cm/s)(m/s)1.000 000 E-02feet every hour (ft/hr)(m/s)8.466 667 E-05feet per minute (ft/min)(m/s)5.080 000 E-03feet per second (ft/s, fps)(m/s)3.048 000 E-01inches per second (in/s)(m/s)2.540 000 E-02kilometers every hour (km/h)(m/s)2.777 778 E-01kilometers per minute (km/min)(m/s)1.666 667 E+01kilometers per second (km/s)(m/s)1.000 000 E+03knot (knot int"l)(m/s)5.144 444 E-01meters per hour (m/h)(m/s)2.777 780 E-04meters every minute (m/min)(m/s)1.666 667 E-02meters per second (m/s)(m/s)1.000 000 E+00miles per hour (mi/h int"l)(m/s)4.470 400 E-01miles per hour (mi/h U.S.)(m/s)4.470 408 E-01miles every minute (mi/min int"l)(m/s)2.682 240 E+01miles per minute (mi/min U.S.)(m/s)2.682 245 E+01miles per 2nd (mi/s int"l)(m/s)1.609 344 E+03miles per 2nd (mi/s U.S.)(m/s)1.609 347 E+03millimeters every hour (mm/h)(m/s)2.777 780 E-07millimeters per minute (mm/min)(m/s)1.666 670 E-05millimeters per 2nd (mm/s)(m/s)1.000 000 E-03VolumeVolume conversions to liters (L).From UnitsTo UnitMultiply Byacre foot (a-ft)(L)1.233 489 E+06barrel (oil) (bbl)(L)1.589 873 E+02barrel (US liquid) (bbl)(L)1.198 280 E+02board foot (bd-ft)(L)2.359 737 E+00bushel (bsh)(L)3.524 000 E+01centiliter (cl)(L)1.000 000 E-02cubic centimeter (cc)(L)1.000 000 E-03cubic foot (ft³)(L)2.832 000 E+01cubic customs (in³)(L)1.638 527 E-02cubic meter (m³)(L)1.000 000 E+03cubic millimeter (mm³)(L)1.000 000 E-06cubic yard (yd³)(L)7.646 000 E+02cup (c)(L)2.365 880 E-01gallon (UK liquid)(L)4.545 596 E+00gallon (US liquid)(L)3.785 000 E+00gallon (US dry)(L)4.404 884 E+00gill (UK)(L)1.420 700 E-01gill (US)(L)1.182 941 E-01liter (L)(L)1.000 000 E+00microliter (µl)(L)1.000 000 E-06milliter (ml)(L)1.000 000 E-03ounce (UK fluid)(L)2.841 306 E-02ounce (US fluid)(L)2.957 303 E-02peck (UK)(L)9.091 901 E+00peck (US)(L)8.809 768 E+00pint (US liquid)(L)4.731 765 E-01pint (US dry)(L)1.101 221 E+00quart (US liquid)(L)9.463 529 E-01quart (US dry)(L)1.101 221 E+00stere(L)1.000 000 E+03tablespoon (tbs)(L)1.478 676 E-02teaspoon (tsp)(L)4.928 922 E-03ton (register)(L)2.831 685 E+03Back to Top