Legendaries (SPOILERS)

All of the legendaries from Gen 1 v Gen 4, except for Arceus, are recruitable in Explorers that Sky. See below for information around how to obtain them.

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Challenge Letters: Mewtwo, Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Jirachi

After friend get secret Rank, which you can get by saving Scizor native Crevice Cave, you will certainly gain access to a new variety of goals through Spinda"s Café. As soon as you enter the café, Pokémon might wait by the entrance, and also you have the right to speak v them come take missions from them. One class of objectives you can receive this method are an obstacle letters, which can be readily available for a selection of different clients, but the component relevant to this guide is the they have the right to be readily available for Mewtwo, Raikou, Entei, Suicune, and Jirachi. In Explorers of Sky, these challenge letters room the technique by which girlfriend recruit this legendaries.

In these missions, the legendary Pokémon will an obstacle you to a fight on a arbitrarily floor that the dungeon (or the end of the dungeon, in Jirachi"s case). ~ you victory the battle, the mission is thought about completed, and also the Pokémon will join your team back at Wigglytuff"s Guild. See listed below for the dungeons, and requirements, associated with this missions:

PokémonDungeonAdditional unlock requirement
MewtwoSky StairwaySky Stairway unlocked
RaikouSoutheastern IslandsMaster *** rank achieved
EnteiInferno CaveGuildmaster location achieved
SuicuneTreacherous WatersMaster ** rank achieved
JirachiStar CaveSpecial episode 1 completed

The Pokémon girlfriend fight through difficulty letters are guaranteed to join your team, regardless of if her leader Pokémon delivers the last blow or not.


7 Treasures: Articuno, Mew, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Heatran, Giratina

Another course of objectives you deserve to unlock with mystery Rank are the so-called "7 Treasures" missions. In this missions, you will be asked to check out to the end of a new dungeon; ostensibly to uncover one of the "7 treasures" the are used to boost recruitment (see "Factors that rise Recruitment"), yet in exercise you will more than likely care an ext about the legend at the end of each dungeon and the to exclude, Pokémon friend can gain on the way there.

All of the legendaries have actually a 50% recruitment rate and also this rate cannot be boosted by any type of means. They have the right to join your team even if the leader does not provide the final blow.

Unlocking skies Stairway also permits Mewtwo"s an obstacle letter come appear.

ArticunoMt. Avalanche
MewMystery Jungle
KyogreBottomless Sea
GroudonShimmer Desert
RayquazaSky Stairway
HeatranGiant Volcano
GiratinaWorld Abyss


Secret Slab/Mystery Part: Zapdos, Moltres, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Celebi, Latias, Latios, Deoxys

A grasp of legend Pokémon can appear as random spawns within certain floors of pre-determined dungeons. For every one of these legendaries, friend must have either the mystery Slab or mystery Part in her inventory as soon as in the dungeon in bespeak to trigger their capacity to spawn. You can discover the an enig Slab and an enig Part with prospecting goals that look favor the one presented below, which friend can find on the board after attaining Diamond Rank.


With the exemption of Lugia and Ho-Oh, all the mystery Slab/Mystery component legendaries additionally require maritime Resort to be unlocked in order for them to present up. Lugia and also Ho-Oh just require graduation native the Guild.

When you with a floor through a legendary on it, the legendary is guaranteed come be one of the Pokémon that at first spawns top top the floor. If you space consulting the overview of Spawn prices presented in "Dungeon generate Information", notification that each among these legendaries has actually a low spawn price for that floor, as displayed below.


Don"t trust that 1.12%. Latias will certainly always be among the floor"s initial spawns, and it will certainly never spawn after the initial spawn. It is unclear why these legendaries have actually spawn prices if they are successfully ignored. The legendary"s (unused) spawn rate is added to the Pokémon listed below it; watch "Spawn rate Manipulation" for more information.

Secret Slab/Mystery component legendaries, like any other random spawn you recruit, require your leader come land the final hit, and your leader to be nearby to the Pokémon. After ~ the fight, lock may join your team like any kind of other arbitrarily spawn. This also means recruit raising methods work-related on them, and also in truth are compelled to lug Deoxys" and also Darkrai"s prices to a hopeful number. Watch "Factors that an increase Recruitment" for additional information.


See the table below for a list of locations and recruit prices for these Pokémon.

PokémonRecruit RateDungeons
Zapdos10.0%Amp plains 7F

Giant Volcano 10F


Surrounded Sea 18F

Ho-Oh10.0%Mt. Mistral 19F
Celebi20.0%Mystifying forest 10F

Spacial Rift 10F

Happy Outlook 19F


Deep Spacial Rift 5F

Midnight woodland 24F

Deoxys-10.0%Shimmer Hill 17F

Mystifying forest 13F

Lower Crevice cavern 2F

Miracle Sea 3F

Mt. Travail 17F

Spacial Rift 15F

Boss Fight: Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Dialga, Palkia, Regigigas

Some legendaries you have the right to recruit by defeating them in a dungeon. Usually, this legendaries room bosses the you had actually to fight at some allude during the game"s story, and can return to later, after the credits role or after ~ you clean the Pokémon"s dungeon. With the exemption of the 3 Regis, every one of them room guaranteed to join your team, and also in reality will have a scripted sequence of dialogue following your fight, an interpretation that you execute not need to have your leader complete off the Pokémon to recruit it.

The 3 Regis have flat rates that 50% the cannot it is in boosted. Their recruitments, if triggered, are additionally scripted, however.

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PokémonLocationUnlock Condition
RegirockAegis cavern Regirock ChamberComplete Aegis Cave
RegiceAegis cavern Regice ChamberComplete Aegis Cave
RegisteelAegis cavern Registeel ChamberComplete Aegis Cave
UxieUpper heavy steam Cave 8FDefeat Dialga
MespritQuicksand Pit 11FDefeat Dialga
AzelfCrystal cross 14FDefeat Dialga
DialgaTemporal Spire 11FDefeat Dialga
PalkiaDeep Spacial Rift 10FDefeat Palkia
RegigigasAegis cavern Pit 6FComplete Aegis Cave
Automatic: Cresselia, Phione, Manaphy, Shaymin

The remaining 4 legendaries are all guaranteed to sign up with your team there is no a fight, and also do for this reason in a scripted event.

PokémonLocationUnlock Condition
CresseliaSharpedo BluffDefeat Darkrai
PhioneDeep wonder Sea 5FComplete miracle Sea a 2nd time
ManaphySharpedo BluffJoins her team a couple of days after perfect Dark Crater
ShayminSky height Summit happen 6FComplete Sky height a second time