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How countless electrons can have the quantum number collection $n=6, l=3, m_l=-1$?

Also, please describe why. I recognize that n explains the number of shells in an atom but what do n, l, and ml have to do through electrons?



This article answers the concern of the of what the other quantum numbers mean:

What carry out the quantum numbers in reality signify?

As for how many electrons can have $n=5, l=3, m_l=-1$...

The Pauli exclusion Principle says that two the same fermions (an eletron is a type of fermion) cannot occupy the same quantum state.

In other words, 2 electrons (in the same atom) cannot have identical quantum numbers.

For each $n$, the worths of $l=0,1,2,...,n$For every $l$, the worths of $m_l=-l,...,-1,0,+1,...,+l$

For each $m_l$ over there are only two permitted values the $m_s$, specific $m_s = + frac12$ and $m_s = -frac12$. Thus, each set of $ ,l,m_l$ can only define two electrons. In your case, we have two electrons with $n=5, l=3, m_l=-1$:

$ ,l,m_l,m_s=5,3,-1,+frac12$$ ,l,m_l,m_s=5,3,-1,-frac12$
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