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Need to change bearings on outer blade spindle ~ above a 50" deck. Having difficulty removing optimal nut top top spindle so ns can get the sheave off. I"ve searched the threads and know there is most likely some deck restoration information out there however I can"t it seems to be ~ to uncover it. I"ve had actually the hubs off prior to when i was doing some painting on the deck, but never have had the spindles apart. Can somebody provide me the general procedure because that removing/replacing the bearings. Thanks for any help

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Leave the baldes on. Wedge a block of hardwood under the deck, so among the chisels engages the block of wood. (Also, leaving the belt on the deck.)Use a long breaker bar and also socket, or usage an wait or electric impact wrench. I"ve excellent it both ways and either means works. Never had actually much luck making use of a typical ratchet and socket.Once the pulleys room off, then remove the blades, then the belt, in that order. However, sometimes getting the pulleys off through the lock nuts removed, have the right to still be an issue. Friend may need to soak points with some penetrating oil, choose PB Blaster. Shot to stop using a puller through grasping the external rims of the pulleys. Often times, the pulleys kink and also end up being ruined.Next, you can remove the bolts that secure every spindle housing to the deck. There will be woodruff key, i beg your pardon is a half-moon shaped key, in each spindle. Make sure you eliminate that native the slot in every spindle.Then the spindle should be able to be pulled from the bearings and housing. You may have to tap the finish of the spindle. But if friend do, use a block of wood to prevent damages to the finish of the spindle.There must be a retaining ring or snap ring that holds each bearing in place. Remove those, then use a small diameter stole rod, insert with one bearing, angle slightly and tap the old bearing the end of the housing. Upper and lower reversal the real estate over, and also through the opening, tap the other bearing out.Make sure to take note of the bearing orientation. The bearings have to be shielded/sealed on the outside, and also open ~ above the inside. Clean every little thing up. Fill the bearings through JD Polyurea grease. Press among the new bearings in. You can use a large bench vise and also a pair of board to accomplish this. I typically use an arbor press, for this reason if you have actually one available, that"s most likely a better option; or you can use a block of wood and tap the bearings right into the housing. There"s a spacer that goes between the two bearings. You deserve to use the initial spacer. Make sure to fill the cavity between the housing and also the spacer around 1/2 to 3/4 complete with JD Polyurea grease. Then push the second bearing right into the housing. Twin check to make certain the bearing seals confront the outside. Install the retaining rings. As soon as the bearings are in place, use some grease to the spindle and also carefully insanity or press right into the bearings.From there, reinstall right into the mower deck, install the pulleys, climate install the belt, climate the blades, climate tighten the nuts. Ns usually use some anti-seize to the within diameter of the pulleys so the following time, they space much simpler to traction of the spindles.Don"t understand if i remembered everything, but I"m certain if not, someone else will certainly fill in any kind of oversights.