Forgot a chocolate bunny for someone this Easter? It"s understandable. Even if you"ve made certain to stock up on every the ideal chocolate egg and an imaginative basket stuffers for April 4, everyone knows that holidays don"t constantly go according to plan.

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Of course, that"s where superstores favor Target come in. The significant retailer always has everything you need, from grocery store essentials to usual household products. That"s why you could be wondering if Target is open on Easter Sunday this year. Prior to you make the trip, though, here"s what to know about Target"s Easter hrs for 2021.

So, will Target be open up on Easter Sunday?

all Target stores will be closed ~ above Easter Sunday.

Target will be be open up before and after Easter Sunday — including good Friday and Holy Saturday — so you can still pick up a couple of things before the big day. The course, because store hours vary by location, you"re going to desire to examine with your local store to find out the exact hours of operation.

What shop are open on Easter Sunday?

If something does finish up slipping your mind though, don"t fear: over there are countless other shop you can stop by on the vacation for all your Easter needs. Keep in mind the the CDC"s updated guidelines proceed to encourage world to limit your grocery save trips and order items for pickup or delivery, if available.

Don"t watch some huge names ~ above this list? That"s since in addition to Target, there room several various other stores that will close their doors top top Easter Sunday, consisting of Costco, ALDI, H-E-B, Sam"s Club, and Publix.

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