Explanation: throughout the Renaissance, the church"s doctrine to be rejected, and the patrons who sustained the Renaissance movement, motivated education and also art. Patrons certainly were against dogmatic teachings, but their really activity in supporting Renaissance art and also education was more than enough to counteract church principles in this way, together the Renaissance was in complete swing.

Also the climate of totally free ideas, sprinkled through humanism and also naturism, has contributed to new directions in art and also architecture. In the painting, the perspective to be emphasized through a very pronounced naturism, and also motifs that the person body modeled ~ above the Greek humanism. The patrons funded Renaissance art as well as education, and also in the way, motivated the advance of brand-new ideas. On the other hand, this in turn permitted them to have actually a details social status and also reputation.

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They urged the spread of arts and education

They noted financial assistance to artists

Explanation: Patrons during the renaissance were affluent merchants and bankers that financed art and encouraged art and also education. The factor for financing and also encouraging art and also education was the reputation and status of these patrons, due to the fact that the Renaissance was a duration of the breakthrough and renewal of philosophy, art, i.e. The worths ​​of classic art. Just such an environment favored the advancement of business and also trade, and in such problems merchants and bankers experienced their possibility of investing, maintaining reputation, and patronage was among those chances.

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C) They urged the spread of arts and education

E) They listed financial support to artists.

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The two ways in which the patrons sustained the Renaissance activity in Italy to be : 1)They encouraged the spread of arts and also education and; 2)They noted financial assistance to artists. The Renaissance was the duration during the 17th and also 18th Century in which brand-new scientific concepts were introduced.

By buying art work and even painting and introducing artist to royals/wealthy civilization to repaint them.

I think the exactly answers from the choices noted above are 3rd and the last options. The methods that patrons did to support the Renaissance motion in Italy were encouraging the spread of arts and education and also providing financial support to artists.
The patrons specifically the rich bought art and other patrons painted and even had actually painters paint royals and wealthy patrons.
The patrons sustained the Renaissance activity in Italy through encouraging the spread of arts and education and also providing financial assistance to artists. Patrons choose the Medici family members sponsors the Renaissance artist by building schools and museum and also by offering money together an help for one artist to continue working top top his art.
The two methods in i beg your pardon the patrons sustained the Renaissance activity in Italy was by encouraging the spread of arts and education and providing financial assistance to artists.Patrons were human being who provided money to artist so lock could continue doing your work, but they additionally wanted art and education to spread all over the world.

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