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First of all, I"m pretty environment-friendly when it pertains to pools and their operation/maintenance, so please bear v me I"ll be sure to include any additional info together requested. I"m just not sure what all I must put here right out of the gate.We purchase our home in Feb "15, the pool (approx 10k gal) was installed in Mar that "14, so everything is practically brand spanking new. We were an extremely pleased. However, now we"re running right into trouble through the in-floor cleaning device - the A&A Magnasweep. Out of 13 heads in the pool: ~4 pop up and actually rotate; 2 pop up and also don"t turn at all; and also the rest barely raise their heads over the floor and limply blow out simply a small bit of water. I refuse to think that in simply over 2 years, 9 heads have gone bad, for this reason my reasoning is that must have actually something to perform with the "Command Module" (gears/impeller system). Today, I had actually a pool agency come out and look in ~ it, and they stated the tools looked great. Brand new. They claimed my problem was that I had my return open, and also that we have the right to only have flow to one or the other, not both in ~ the same time. Therefore he closed my returns, and also it does appear there is a greater amount the water flowing v the command module (I feel silly calling it that), however the top still are not popping up or rotating. Everything"s the same. I told castle that, and also they argued it was because the psi to be high, and also once ns clean mine filters every little thing should return to normal. I have actually my doubts...So I"ve consisted of a attach to a video clip that shows my current collection up, hoping someone here can offer me some suggestions. Money"s super tight appropriate now, and also I feel choose I simply paid who $75 to come out and do nothing.
April 27, 2022 - YouTubeFun Fact: I an alert there"s a many air in one of my baskets today, i m sorry the pool guy said is regular for variable rate pumps. Considering i haven"t seen air in there due to the fact that we to buy the house, i doubt that as well. Please let me recognize if there"s any additional information that I have the right to provide, and thanks in advance.

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Yeah, i m really sorry you couldn"t check out the screen in the vid. I"m not certain what rate the pump was at yesterday. That was set to 3150 rpm in the past yet we"ve due to the fact that had the engine serviced and I don"t understand if they readjusted the setup at that time. I"ve acquired the filters the end to clean and also the mechanism shut down, so ns can"t check the rate at the moment. But, either way, when we purchase the house and also everything was working just fine, the clean psi was somewhere in between 12-15. It was super high yesterday, and also the filters had just been cleaned this previous weekend. Ours pool"s been pretty nasty, so I"m clean them again come be sure I"ve acquired all the junk out. Our trouble is no that the heads are continuing to be up every the time. Some work just fine (pop up, go down, and rotate as they should), but the rest either a) popular music up, walk down, and also do no go come the following position when they go down, or b) barely popular music up at all, favor 1/4". It"s transitioning native zone to zone fine. Is it possible all these heads are damaged and also just have to be replaced? I"ve uploaded another pair videos, so you"ll be able to see what whatever looks like in the command module (as well as my orangutan eight
). April 28, 2022 - YouTubeApril 28, 2016 - YouTubeAnd i figured as much re: the air in the tank. Ours old house had actually this very same issue and we had to replace some plumbing to obtain it fixed. As quickly as whatever is put earlier together I"ll start trial and error for leaks.