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(Not) In The Spotlight!

Do you spend the Show's interval reading the programme from cover to cover whilst balancing a box of Smarties on one knee and an empty ice cream tub on the other?

If you do, then you're probably wondering what all those people credited in the programme have done to deserve their names listed in your quality, value-for-money, A4 glossy programme!

Whilst being entertained by the Gang in the spotlight, spare a thought for the rest of the Gang, off-stage and not in the spotlight, who help to make Inverness Gang Show the success that it has grown to be since 1983!

Producer: The producer co-ordinates everyone else on this list, as well as producing and directing 100 Cubs, Scouts, Guides and adults!
Musical Director: The MD scores the Show and arranges the many pieces of music for the band. He also keeps correct timing and singing tempo.
Dance Director: Our dancers are all very talented, but they need someone to make sure they all dance the same moves at the same time.
Convenors: The convenors support the producer, as 100 Gang members on the stage need much direction. Preferably all in the same direction!
Singing Coach: This person succeeds, against all the odds, in making the Gang sing together, and even in harmony. Occasionally.
Stage Director: The SD gets all the best jobs, including controlling the lights, sound and curtain calls! Nothing happens until the SD says so!
Make-up: Without make-up, the faces on-stage would be too pale against the lighting. The make-up team gives the Gang a life-like appearance!
Continuity: This person makes sure that when one scene finishes, the next is ready to go, and deals with making sure the Show doesn't over-run or even finish too early!
Wardrobe: "I want 60 of those and 75 of these", is what these people hear all the time. And they always deliver top-quality costumes on time, every time (although never enough time)!
Registrar: Records the Gang members' attendance at rehearsals and during Show-week at the theatre, collects money, forms and anything else the Gang have to return!
Publicity: These lucky people get to go on live local radio! They also deal with press releases, shop window displays and promo material.
Box Office: This team deals with early-bookings from this site, families and friends of the Gang, as well as liaising with the Theatre's box office.
Programme: Puts together the high-quality souvenir publication, including dealing with sponsors, printers, editing and proof-reading.
Business: The business person is in charge of all the administration side of the Show, including
co-ordinating finance and publicity.
Finance: Gang Show involves thousands of pounds of income and expenditure. Someone's got to keep hold of the receipts!
Front of House: Deals with foyer displays, programme sellers and VIPs & other guests.
Songsters: This is the group of singers that can be seen lurking under the stage, giving more volume and depth to the Gang singing on the stage.
Matrons: Nothing to do with Carry On. Unfortunately. These people look after the dressing rooms, including crowd-control (not a joke) & helping with dressing the Gang during quick-changes.
Security: These people look after the security of the back-stage and stage door areas of the theatre while the Gang's in residence.
Stage Crew: These people only come out in the dark! They move stage props between scenes.

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