The steering wheel is a an essential component, i beg your pardon guides and also directs the human while driving the car. With so many automobile advancements, this wheel the the car has likewise been equipped through a safety and security feature referred to as Airbag, to defend the driver.

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However, after being supplied once that turns right into a non-reusable commodity. Thus, make it essential to remove a steering wheel airbag and obtain a brand-new one installed quickly.

Purpose the Airbag in Steering Wheel

These Airbags favor soft cushions in the steering wheel room actually a component of the car’s airbag regulate system, which activates and also inflate in addition to other airbags in the car during that collision. Thus, the protects the driver native any major injury. However, periodically the removed of the airbag is crucial even before it is used due to the fact that of the malfunctioning and sudden activation. Otherwise, the can cause blindness when driving, and this have the right to be even more dangerous.

Tools Required

In order to remove a Steering Wheel Airbag, that is much better to above a trained mechanic yet in case, you space in the middle of nowhere, then constantly have these tools in handy.

Torx screwdriver KitMulti-meterNeedle nose Pliers

Steps to eliminate a Steering Wheel Airbag

1. Reduced Out Battery power

Firstly, check for the negatively charged cable with the use of the multimeter. Then, disconnect the cable native the battery and wait for at least 10 minutes in bespeak to examine that all the power in the circuit has actually been fully exhausted. Otherwise, the bag would certainly be exit suddenly.

2. Removed of Airbag Mounting Bolts

Now, ~ disconnecting the battery, switch on the ignition button to unlock the motion of the steering wheel because that the access to that is mounting bolts.

Next, locate the bolts at the ago of the steering wheel by transforming it 90o and also then, 180o to ease them. In most of the situations nowadays, the bolts remain inside the wheel only and don’t come out. After ~ this, gently eliminate the outer assembly of the wheel without damaging the wiring harness connector attached come its backside.

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3. Disengage the Wires

Next, two wire sets deserve to be watched of different colors, out of which horn is black color in color and the other set belonging come the module is green and yellow in color.

Now, through the aid of the screwdriver, very closely remove the horn pad connector. After ~ this, the wiring connector is removed, which has actually two-colored devices on every of the connectors. At this stage, the grey colored an equipment is thrust downward. Next, the orange maker is pulled increase for the release of the safety and security clip.

When the primary clip is removed from the connector, it is currently time come take out the connectors out with the help of a tiny pick.

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Tip: While the connector is removed, make certain that it no corrode or obtain damaged easily.

Steps to remove a Steering Wheel Airbag. Source: Youtube

4. Finally, eliminate the Airbag

Now, eliminate a steering wheel airbag and also don’t keep it near any electrical resource or else, it might inflate the airbag accidentally.

Finally, now you have the right to re-install the new airbag and reconnect the wires to start driving your automobile again. So following time whenever you face any such problem, these maintenance tips would surely assist you in this regard.