One of the most typical questions of home windows Movie maker was just how to add overlay video in home windows Movie Maker. Us will shot to answer this in this really post.

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There room a lot of people that still usage Windows Movie an equipment for modifying their videos. And most that them want to include overlays ~ above videos using this software from Microsoft. There space several species of overlay for your information you can add to a video, such as text, logo, image, music, and even video.

Using the overlay function, friend can add all the contents mentioned above to the major video. You might have seen countless YouTubers have a video of their challenge on peak of their key video. And this to be done using the video overlay function.

Now, friend might also want to add overlays to your videos. There room many video clip editing software application where you can do this really easily. However, if you room using the well known Windows Movie Maker, we have a couple of suggestions.

So, stop fire away…

Can girlfriend Overlay video clip in home windows Movie Maker?

Interestingly, on older versions of windows Movie Maker, you could add overlays to any kind of videos. However, Microsoft has actually updated their windows Movie machine with a lot of brand-new features.

Unfortunately, they have removed the overlay attribute from the new versions of home windows Movie Maker.


That means you cannot include overlay video in windows Movie device anymore. Therefore what can you perform in this situation? are afraid not!

We have several easy-to-follow instructions for you. We will be sharing every one of this details one through one in the section below.

Alternative means to Add video Overlay in your Videos

We have just called you that there is no means to add video overlay top top the newer versions of home windows Movie Maker. Together a result, we will certainly share how to use some alternative video clip editing software program to achieve this.

Remember, girlfriend can modify the video clip as you choose on home windows Movie device at first. After ~ you have saved the video, you deserve to use the complying with methods to add overlays to the video. So right here we go…

Method #1 using Movie an equipment for home windows 10 Pro

Movie device for windows 10 is a feature-rich video clip editing software. There space two versions of the – free and Pro. The pro version has all the necessary advanced features.

While the totally free version lacks a few features. You can use this software program to produce overlay videos. Here’s just how to execute that…


Steps to Follow

Next, beginning the software application on her PC.Click top top the ‘Overlay Video’ option, and also a brand-new pop-up home window will show up on the screen.At this point, you will have to add the main/background/primary video.Next, click on the ‘+Add Overlay’ option from the bottom food selection bar.There will certainly be a few options to pick from, such as picture overlay, text overlay, video overlay, and also more.So, choose any of the alternatives that you would certainly need. For example, us will choose the ‘video overlay’ option.Then, girlfriend will be able to select the overlay/secondary video indigenous your pc files.Once you have added the overlay video, it will be on height of the main video.In this case, you have the right to drag and also drop the overlay video anywhere on the primary video clip as girlfriend like.You have the right to also readjust the video overlay’s dimension by dragging on any kind of of the corners top top the overlay video border.Similarly, friend can adjust the starting time the the overlay video as well. To do this, you will need to drag the slider on peak of the main video timeline.Now, girlfriend can click the ‘Preview’ option native the bottom menu bar and see if every little thing is OK.If you room satisfied through the outcome, click the ‘Save Video’ button indigenous the bottom food selection bar.A new window will appear where friend will have the ability to customize the calculation settings. Once you space done, friend should click the ‘OK ‘button.Then, friend will have to select the folder where you want to save the edited video, and also you room done.

Method #2 making use of Windows Movie device (Audio Overlay)

Normally, you can not add video overlays using Windows Movie Maker. However, you have the right to actually include an audio overlay on peak of any video clip using home windows Movie Maker. Here’s just how to perform this…


Steps to Follow

First, start the windows Movie device on your PC.Then, important the primary video to the software.Next, click on the ‘Add music’ indigenous the top menu bar.In act so, a couple of options will show up on the dropdown menu.From there, you have actually to click the ‘Add music…’ option.The ‘Windows Explorer’ windows will open from where you will pick the video you want to include as an overlay.However, as you have chosen the ‘Add music…’ option earlier, there will certainly be no video clip files ~ above the home windows explorer.As a result, you will have actually to click the ‘Audio and Music’ option indigenous the window’s appropriate bottom corner.In law so, a few options will certainly appear. Native there, click the ‘Videos’ option. And now, the video clip files will show up on home windows Explorer.Next, browse and find the video clip you want to add as an overlay and double click on it.As a result, the video document will be included to the project. Remember, it will certainly take a bit of time, depending upon the size of the video.Now, click the ‘Video Tools’ option from the top food selection bar.Then, click on the ‘Video Volume’ option and mute the volume using the volume slider.At this moment, you deserve to split, trim, and also do any kind of other customization to the video.You have the right to press the ‘>/Play’ button ~ above the screen’s left sidebar come preview the customization.Once you room happy through it, you have the right to save the video clip to her folder’s an option on your PC.

Method #3 using EaseUS video clip Editor

EaseUS video editor is one more popular cost-free video editing and enhancing software. You deserve to use this software program to include overlays to her videos as well. Now, let’s learn just how to do it.


Steps come Follow

Then, beginning the software application on her PCNext, you must add the main video on the software program first. To execute so, click the ‘Import File’> ‘Add come Project’ option and add the wanted video. Girlfriend can also drag and also drop the video to include it.Next, friend will have actually to click on the ‘Overlays’ option native the left sidebar.In doing so, you will be taken to a brand-new window where various kind the overlay options will be availableSo, pick the one you like the most, and then right-click ~ above it and click on the ‘Add come project’ option.Once you have included the overlay, you will have the ability to see that on height of the main video.Now, you can customize the size and location of the overlay video clip with ease.Simply, drag through your mouse pointer come customize it.You deserve to preview the video clip on the ideal side display screen tab.Once you space happy with the outcome, simply click the ‘Export’ button.Then the ‘Export’ window will show up on the display where friend will have the ability to customize numerous settings about the output video.Finally, click on the ‘Export’ button indigenous the bottom right corner of the screen and also it will be saved to her PC

Method #4 making use of Animotica

Animotica is one more featureful video clip editing software. This one has actually some unique features that many other similar cost-free software lacks. Also, the is very easy to usage this one.

As a result, we have included this software in this tutorial. Now, let’s know exactly how to usage Animotica to include overlays ~ above videos in windows operating system.


Steps to Follow

Then, start the Animotica software program on your computer if girlfriend haven’t already.Next, click the ‘+ brand-new Project’ option native the left side of the screen and also add the key video where you want to include the overlay.Now, the video clip will it is in imported right into the main screen of the software.Then, click the ‘Overlays’ switch from the bottom menu bar to include an overlay to the video.In law so, a couple of options will show up on an overlay menu. There will be choices like Add video clip or photo Clips, include Color Clip, Giphy, take a Photo/Video, include Audio/Voiceover, include Text, add Sticker, add Video/Photo, etc.For example, we will select the ‘Add video clip or photo Clips’ option and then pick the video clip you desire to include as an overlay.Next, you can likewise customize the overlay additional to your liking.After that, save the last output video come your preferred location on her PC.

Sum Up

It is a shame that Microsoft has actually removed the overlay setups from the windows Movie Maker. However, that doesn’t typical that you can not add video clip overlay anymore.

We have shared multiple alternate methods of just how to overlay video in home windows Movie maker to tackle this issue. If friend have adhered to the tutorials above, girlfriend will add the overlay to any type of videos through ease.

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As usual, if you have any much more tricks up your sleeves, don’t forget to share them with us in the comment ar below! as you are a windows operating mechanism user, you deserve to read among our popular articles on 25 home windows Tips and also Tricks (All windows Versions). And before girlfriend go, don’t hesitate come share this tutorial v others.