Don’t let shedding or forgetting her ATV an essential stop girlfriend from enjoying your quad. In this article, I’ll display you a few ways to begin your ATV or UTV there is no the key. You can do any kind of of these techniques with simple hand tools discovered in most garages.

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Your ignition move is simply a rest in a circuit telling your electric box when it’s yes sir to start or not. Once there’s no vital in the ignition, no power can be sent out to the rest of the needed materials to begin the engine. There are some pretty basic ways come get around this though.

Of course the easiest method is if your maker has a pull begin or absent starter ~ above it. A most the newer quads gift made don’t have this usability anymore unfortunately. If friend do have actually this option, simply unhook the ignition move from the cdi or electrical box. That method the engine will start without needing a vital inserted, then start the engine.

This method may occupational without a pull start or kick start if you deserve to push your device to a great pace and pop it into gear. Her other options are:

Bypass The IgnitionJump The SolenoidUse A ScrewdriverReplace Ignition Switch

Bypass The Ignition


This is my preferred technique to beginning an ATV there is no the key. Many ignition switches will only have actually two wires going right into it. On wire is sending power in, and also the other wire sends power to the electric box if the crucial is inserted. Informing the maker that it’s ok come start.

Simply eliminate the ignition move from the equation. You deserve to disassemble the move or just cut the 2 wires causing it. Be sure to leave sufficient slack in the wire simply in situation you want change the ignition switch later on on.

Now connect the two wires and also your electrical start have to work prefer always. Remember to connect the wires on the side resulting in the engine no the side resulting in the ignition.

You need to remember to disconnect the 2 wires when you’re excellent riding or you’ll drainpipe the battery dead. I would certainly recommend you put a basic switch below in location of the ignition, a simple on/off move will job-related perfect.

Some the the newer quads have an ext than 2 wires coming out of the ignition switch, no to worry. A lot of times over there will also be a ground wire or something favor that. The two wires girlfriend should focus on are red and also black. Cut those two wires and also tape castle together. Make certain you tape together the end of the wire leading to the engine not to the ignition.

You may also see a black through white stripe and green wire. These two wires are shorted together when the vital is in the turn off position. Girlfriend will need to open that quick by cutting the black with white strip wire and also tapping turn off the end.

Once the black through white stripe is cut and taped, and also the red and black wires and also spliced together and taped. Girlfriend should have power to her quad as if the key was turn on. You deserve to use your normal electric start and also everything the means it is.

Remember to disconnect the black and red wires as soon as you’re done to avoid killing the battery. You could additionally tape the black with white stripe wire back together to protect against anyone indigenous easily starting the quad.

Jump The Selonoid

Common ATV Solenoid

This doesn’t job-related on all ATVs, only makers with an electric start choice only. Your solenoid need to be near your battery and also wiring harness. On some quads you have to remove a side panel to access it.

Your solenoid will have two main wires coming out of it and possibly some various other smaller ones, we only care around the two huge wires. You have to lay a wrench or other metal across the two connectors that the key wires. Then, you should be able to start the quad.

I don’t use this method myself because you need to be real careful the wrench or item of metal is not emotional anything else the could brief it out. If girlfriend accidentally touch the frame or something once doing this, girlfriend could reason damage come your electric parts the the engine.

Use A Screwdriver

Desperate times speak to for desperate measures, and also that’s what this technique is. This cheat is greatly used through thieves, therefore if you’re driving about the trails through a screw driver sticking the end of the ignition and get quit by follow enforcement, be all set to acquire asked some questions.

Basically you simply hammer a screwdriver right into the ignition and also turn that on together if it to be the key. The screwdriver will certainly brake the pins in the lock enabling you to turn the ignition on.

I don’t introduce this an approach because you might damage the ignition and also not gain the quad to begin anyway. And also even if you space successful, you’re currently riding around with a screwdriver sticking out.

Replace The Ignition Switch


This is clearly the best technique in the list. Of course if friend forgot your key and you’re already method out on the trail, then there’s no means you have the right to order a part and do the replacement. This is much more for someone who shed their key, or broke their ignition make the efforts the driver method.

Here’s a decent Replacement Ignition Switch discovered on Amazon to aid get your find started. If you can uncover a replacement from the manufacturer because that your specific machine, that would certainly be the finest route, yet probably a lot much more expensive.


One point I desire to mention is that it’s constantly best exercise to tape up any kind of wires friend cut and exposed. You may have obtained the hotwire job done correctly, however if any kind of of those wires struggle the frame and short out you might have bigger problems.

Leave sufficient slack in the wires to work-related on them again later on on. Shot to prevent cutting the wires come the ignition actual close to the ignition itself, or somewhere that renders it tough to obtain to the wires. You might want to work-related on it later on on, favor putting in a new ignition move or on/off switch.

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Don’t phone call everyone just how easy you warm wired your quad and how you did it. Possibly you’ll be for sure to execute this, yet I lean a little more to the cautious side as soon as it concerns my machines.