Online calculator to transform kilopascals to torrs (kPa to Torr) through formulas, examples, and also tables. Ours conversions carry out a quick and easy means to convert between Pressure units.

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How to convert kPa come Torr: get in a worth in the kPa field and click ~ above the "Calculate Torr" button. Her answer will show up in the Torr field.

Conversion Definitions

The following is a perform of definitions relating to conversions in between kilopascals and torrs.

What is a kilopascal (kPa)?

A kilopascal is a unit of pressure in the international System of devices (SI). The symbol for kilopascal is kPa. There are 0.1333223684 kilopascals in a torr.

What is a torr (Torr)?

A torr is a non-SI unit the Pressure. The symbol because that torr is Torr. There room 7.50062 torrs in a kilopascal.

Conversion Formula

Let"s take it a closer look in ~ the conversion formula so the you can do this conversions yourself through a calculator or with an old-fashioned pencil and also paper.

The formula to transform from kPa to Torr is:

Torr = kPa ÷ 0.1333223684

Conversion Example

Next, let"s watch at an example showing the work and calculations the are involved in convert from kilopascals to torrs (kPa to Torr).

Kilopascal to Torr switch Example

Task: convert 8 kilopascals come torrs (show work)Formula:kPa ÷ 0.1333223684 = TorrCalculations:8 kPa ÷ 0.1333223684 = 60.00493 TorrResult:8 kPa is equal to 60.00493 Torr
For fast reference purposes, listed below is a counter table that you have the right to use to transform from kPa to Torr.

Kilopascals come Torrs counter Chart

kilopascals (kPa)torrs (Torr)
1 kPa7.50062 Torr
2 kPa15.00123 Torr
3 kPa22.50185 Torr
4 kPa30.00247 Torr
5 kPa37.50308 Torr
6 kPa45.0037 Torr
7 kPa52.50432 Torr
8 kPa60.00493 Torr
9 kPa67.50555 Torr
10 kPa75.00617 Torr
20 kPa150.01234 Torr
30 kPa225.0185 Torr
40 kPa300.02467 Torr
50 kPa375.03084 Torr
75 kPa562.54626 Torr
100 kPa750.06168 Torr
250 kPa1,875.15421 Torr
500 kPa3,750.30841 Torr
750 kPa5,625.46262 Torr
1,000 kPa7,500.61683 Torr
2,500 kPa18,751.54207 Torr
5,000 kPa37,503.08414 Torr
7,500 kPa56,254.62621 Torr
10,000 kPa75,006.16828 Torr
25,000 kPa187,515.42071 Torr
50,000 kPa375,030.84141 Torr
75,000 kPa562,546.26212 Torr
100,000 kPa750,061.68282 Torr
250,000 kPa1,875,154.20706 Torr

This table offers a an overview of the push units in ~ their particular measurement systems.

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UnitSymbolMeasurement SystemDescription
pascalPaInternational system of systems (SI)base unit
kilopascalkPaInternational mechanism of units (SI)1 kPa = 1,000 Pa
megapascalMPaInternational system of units (SI)1 MPa = 1,000,000 Pa
atmosphereatmNon-SI (International)1 atm = 101,325 Pa
pounds every square inchpsi or lbf/in2Non-SI (International)1 psi = 6,894.757 Pa
millimeters the mercurymmHgNon-SI (International)1 mmHg = 133.3224 Pa
barbarNon-SI (International)1 bar = 100,000 Pa
torrTorrNon-SI (International)1 Torr = 133.3224 Pa

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