A stallion produce untold billions that sperm throughout a lifetime, and also in a normal ejaculate, he can send four billion of castle on a gyeongju to fertilize a solitary egg. Just one sperm have the right to succeed. Unfortunately, there space times when none of them succeed

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A stallion produces untold billions the sperm during a lifetime, and in a common ejaculate, he have the right to send 4 billion of castle on a race to fertilize a solitary egg. Only one sperm deserve to succeed. Unfortunately, there space times when none of them succeed. The result is an open up mare, something that can price the mare owner time, money, and patience. There are multitudes of factors why sperm fail to fertilize one egg. In part cases, the problems that exist deserve to be solved. In various other instances, lock can’t, and the stallion is retired from the reproduction shed. While not every troublesome condition can be solved for the stallion, the stallion manager in ~ least contends his or her disposal a method for determining even if it is the steed is fertile–semen analysis. Prior to getting right into the topic of semen analysis, we should recognize what the is we room discussing. First, anatomy. The normal stallion has actually two testes. Their prime task is to create spermatozoa and also testosterone. In ~ birth, every testis typically will weigh in between five and also 10 grams. The will stay at the weight and also size throughout the very first 10 months of life. A slight growth occurs in between 11 and 16 months of age, and rapid advance of both testes start at around 18 month of age. In part cases, the testes don’t reach final maturation till the stallion is 12 to 13 year old. Each testis is spanned by a special lining the connective tissue dubbed the tunica albuginea. Fused to the outer surface of this capsule is the slim visceral vaginal tunic. Sustaining strands the connective tissue extend from the tunica albuginea to divide the testis into lobules. The non-capsular part of the testis is dubbed the parenchyma. It consists of seminiferous tubules (capable the producing and conveying semen) and also interstitial tissue situated between the seminiferous tubules. Located within the seminiferous tubules are Sertoli’s cells. They room involv

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