The medical use the weed has already been legalized in end 30 U.S. States, 4 territories, and the ar of Columbia. So, in this article, permit me melted some irradiate on the price of weed. Just how much is a pound of weed?

In legitimate markets, the mean wholesale price per lb of weed for medicinal use is $1,800. The average price per pound for greenhouse-grown weed is $1,350. The average cost for indoor-grown weed is $1,900. Because that adult-use cannabis, the median wholesale price per pound is $1,600.

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In the black sector of the many US states, a pound the weed costs between $2,000 to $4,000.

Read on to learn more about how much is a pound of weed worth and other topics related to it.


How lot Is a pound of Weed?

A pound of weed costs about $1,800. This is the median wholesale price per pound of medicine weed. The average price for indoor-grown weed is $1,900 per pound, and also greenhouse-grown weed is $1,350. For adult-use cannabis, the median wholesale expense per lb is $1,600. <1>

In some U.S. States such as Colorado and also California, world are minimal from buying an ext than an oz of weed per visit come the seller. If you are considering purchase wholesale weed, sellers would only allow you to have your own store. In various other words, you must carry out them proof the you are a reseller.

To learn an ext about the cost of marijuana, you must very first familiarize yourself through how plenty of grams of weed are there in one ounce. To offer you an idea, a pound of weed is same to 453.59 grams based on the MKS system.

How lot is a pound of marijuana in the black color market? In many U.S. States, the price per pound ranges between $2,000 and also $4,000. Apparently, weed is pricier in the black market. Aside from the truth that the price is based on product quality, another factor is that it is pricier if purchase illegally.

How numerous Grams in One pound of Weed

A pound of weed is identical to 453.592 grams. Therefore, fifty percent a lb of weed is equal to 226.796 grams, if a quarter pound the weed is tantamount to 113.398 grams.

If you are buying weed, you need to be familiar with this. This way, you deserve to mentally compute if you are buying in ~ a low or high cost.

How lot Weed go a Cannabis plant Produce?

The lot of weed a cannabis plant can develop depends on several factors. These encompass the following:

Breed that the cannabis plantCondition the the area whereby the cannabis tree is exposed toSkill level that the plant grower

However, ~ above average, a solitary cannabis plant will many likely create a half or a single ounce of weed. The amount ranges in between 14 and also 28 grams that weed.

So, just how much is a pound of weed worth? In legal markets, the mean wholesale price per lb of weed for medicinal usage is $1,800.

How lot is a half-pound the weed worth? A half-pound of weed is precious $900. Exactly how much is a quarter-pound of weed worth? A quarter-pound of weed is worth $450.

Factors affecting the price of Weed

Legalizing weed in many U.S. States for clinical use and also even minimal recreational use resulted in enhanced sales. This then brought about lower weed costs. It is one of the major factors that affect the industry price of weed.

However, over there are likewise other factors affecting it. These encompass competition, weed taxes, pandemic, and quality. Let’s briefly tackle each one of them:

1. Competition

If the U.S. State whereby you room residing has actually multiple weed sellers, the chances are the weed price is lower. Suffice it come say the if there room a few sellers in your area, the price will most likely be higher.

2. Weed Taxes

Anything offered legally has a equivalent tax. Therefore, as soon as the U.S. Legalized weed in some states, weed has because then been sold with government tax. 

In Colorado, constant weed is charged with a 2.9% tax rate. For special marijuana, the tax implemented is 10%.

Taxes range between 1 and also 10%. This factor, therefore, provides weed prices walk up.

3. Pandemic

Pandemics, such as the COVID-19 outbreak likewise have an impact on weed prices.

When the COVID-19 pandemic started in 2020, there were several claims that taken into consideration cannabis essential. This permitted legal weed stores to remain open up even during the lockdown. Some states have actually waived your regulations in regards to weed delivery. It has actually been ensured that also in the middle of the pandemic, legal weed is accessible.

California is the largest weed producer in the U.S. It can develop 13 million pounds of marijuana in a year. Unfortunately, in 2019, the state skilled a price drop of 12%. In 2020, the price slightly dropped as well from $1,550 to $1,510 every pound.

In Oregon, the price per pound of outdoor weed is $1,470. Vice versa, in Colorado, the price is $1,327.

The price drop may be attributed to the increased demand for weed. There to be no denying exactly how sales skyrocketed in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, California also experienced wildfires, which resulted in melted farms. This then resulted in the scarcity the weed supply. In which case, the cost of weed will certainly most most likely go up.

4. Quality

Just like any kind of other product in the market, weed has different quality level too. There are those v low quality. Some room of medium-quality, and also some have actually premium quality. Apparently, the higher the quality, the expense is most likely greater as well.

Let’s expound on this:

Dispensary clinical Cannabis price Per Pound

If girlfriend buy low-quality marijuana for medicinal objectives in legit markets, it will cost you about $1400 every pound. Medium-quality marijuana costs around $1552 every pound, while a high-quality one costs about $1919.

Dispensary recreational Cannabis cost Per Pound

For to chat purposes, low-quality marijuana purchase in legal industries costs around $2405. The medium-quality people cost roughly $1760, when the premium people cost around $2204.

Street clinical Cannabis cost Per Pound

If you are buying in markets that are not legally recognized, the expense of low-quality weed for medical purposes is about $1858. Medium-quality marijuana costs around $2406. In contrast, the high-quality people cost approximately $2149.

Street recreational Cannabis price Per Pound

In street markets, low-quality entertain marijuana costs about $1894. The medium-quality ones are priced at around $1975. Whereas the premium ones roughly cost $2209.

The Average cost of a lb of Weed


There have actually been transforms to the cost of weed since 2020. For adult-use cannabis, the mean wholesale price per pound is $1600. When it comes to medicinal use, the mean wholesale cost is $1800 per pound.

There is likewise greenhouse-grown weed, i beg your pardon is $1350 per lb on average. Together for indoor- and also outdoor-grown cannabis, the average cost per lb is $1900 and also $750, respectively.

Weed Prices every State

Let’s take it a look at the prices of weed in Colorado, California, and also Illinois:


For medicinal use in Colorado’s legit markets, weed per pound cost ranges between $1584 and also $3000. In comparison, the price ranges in between $1990 and also $2302 for adult use.

The illegal marketing of weed is no surprising. And also in this markets, the cost per pound for medicinal usage ranges between $1200 and $2160. Because that adult use, the price ranges between $1385 and also $2500.


In California, there space legal and also illegal industries too. The cost in legal sectors ranges between $1545 and $2202 per pound if bought for medicinal use. Price ranges in between $1332 and $1875 per lb if bought because that adult use.

In illegal markets, those bought because that medicinal purposes cost $1604 – $1962. At the very same time, those for adult use expense $1515 – $1962.


Weed is much more expensive in Illinois. In legit markets, weed for medicinal use costs $2000 per lb while weed because that adult use costs in between $1700 and $2000. Weed illegal bought for medicinal functions costs between $1700 and $2000. Those illegal bought for adult usage costs between $1637 and also $1785.

The retail cost of weed is many likely greater than the everyone cost. If you are wondering how much is a half-pound the weed, the is roughly $2560. This is around 226 grams.

If you room curious about how lot is a quarter-pound of weed, the is estimated to be in between $1280 and also $1300. The is about 113 grams.

By now, you currently have an idea around the cost of weed. In legit markets, the weed’s median wholesale price per lb for medicinal use is $1,800. The average cost per pound for greenhouse-grown weed is $1,350, if the average expense for indoor-grown weed is $1,900. Because that adult-use cannabis, the typical wholesale price per pound is $1,600.

Medical Marijuana

Marijuana supplied to be considered illegal, whichever means people looked at it. However due to the remarkable proof that it deserve to treat various clinical conditions, several countries have started looking into legalizing that use. The U.S. Is among the nations that have actually been sustaining the medical purpose the weed. In fact, many U.S. Says have currently legalized that is use.

The three plant has actually over a hundred various chemicals well-known as cannabinoids. Each of these chemicals has actually a different affect on the human body. The main chemicals supplied to law medical conditions are cannabidiol (CBD) and also delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Although most studies are still ongoing, researchers recognize that marijuana have the right to definitely aid treat different medical conditions. While that is not yet fully confirmed, among the many conditions that marijuana can treat space the following:

Anorexia and other eating disordersCrohn’s diseaseCancerDiseases affect the immune systemNauseaMuscle spasmsWasting syndromeGlaucomaEpilepsy

Among every the recurring studies around marijuana, the strongest proof indicates its capacity to treat multiple sclerosis, nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy, and also chronic pain.

Has the FDA approved the usage of clinical Weed?

In 2018, the cannabidiol Epidiolex was approved by the U.S. Food and also Drug management (FDA) as a treatment for seizures, namely, Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

Nabilone and dronabinol space two human-made cannabinoid medications that the FDA has additionally approved. Nabilone is also known together Cesamet, when dronabinol is likewise known as Syndros or Marinol. These room marijuana medications that deserve to treat nausea and also vomiting led to by chemotherapy in cancer patients.

How medical Marijuana Is Taken


There are different ways of taking medical weed. Amongst these room the following:

Take it together a pillPlace a few drops of fluid marijuana under the tongueEat that by mixing an sufficient amount in brownies or lollipopInhale it making use of a vaporizerSmoke it

Does clinical Weed have Side Effects?

Medical weed has actually side impacts too. Amongst these space the following:

HallucinationsFast heartbeatDizzinessDepression

Weed likewise includes chemistry that deserve to be found in tobacco. Therefore, misuse or abuse can injury the lungs. Also, if teenagers use it, the can affect them mentally because their brains space still developing. These are amongst the factors why the government is cynical to legalization marijuana.

Conclusion – just how Much Is a pound of Weed Worth?

In legal markets, the weed’s median wholesale price per pound for medicinal usage is around $1,800. The average price per pound for greenhouse-grown weed is approximately $1,350, while the average price for indoor-grown weed is around $1,900. For adult-use cannabis, the typical wholesale cost per lb is about $1,600.

How lot is a half-pound of weed? fifty percent a pound of medicinal weed is everyone $900 per pound. Fifty percent a lb of greenhouse-grown weed is $675 per pound. Lastly, half a pound of indoor- and also outdoor-grown cannabis is $950 and $750

However, wholesale weed is just sold to world who have actually physical stores. In various other words, you have to be a legitimate seller to have the ability to buy all marijuana. Otherwise, you will only have the ability to buy weed at sleeve cost, i beg your pardon is pricier.

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You may additionally be able come buy all weed native illegal sellers. But, of course, this no advisable at all. As well as the truth that illegal weed is marketed at a higher cost, there is likewise the risk of gaining caught.