That"s A many Bottles!

Are you in search of a pallet or pallets of tradition labeled bottled water? ordering bottled water by the pallet has actually a pair of benefits in addition to the price savings of purchase in bulk. But prior to we gain into that us are always being request what does a pallet of tradition bottled water look at like? We"ll let"s remove the mystery. Pallets that bottled water look prefer this:



How countless Bottles ~ above A Pallet?

We offer three sizes and also all 3 of those sizes have different quantities that right on a pallet. Every pallets are roughly 54" high on a standard dimension 48"x40" pallet.

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8 oz. Party fit up to 120 cases on a pallet. That equates to 2,880 bottles.

12 oz. Party fit approximately 84 situations on a pallet. That equals 2,016 bottles.

16.9 oz. Bottles fit as much as 72 instances on a pallet. That equals 1,728 bottles.


With that in mental it"s sometimes an ext economical come ship your order on a pallet even if you aren"t bespeak a full pallets worth. As a general preeminence we find between 30 come 40 situations is the point where traditional UPS and also FedEx floor become an ext expensive 보다 shipping via freight. The reason behind the is our freight price are flat rates definition you don"t pay according to weight like you do with traditional ground service. You paying for the room on a pallet. That"s why the freight price is the same regardless if you ship 30 instances or 100 cases on a pallet.

How lot do Pallets the Bottled Water Weigh?

They are heavy, really, really heavy. One pallet complete of 120 instances of 8 oz. Party weights 1,960 pounds. One pallet complete of 84 instances of 12 oz. Bottles weights 1,888 pounds. One pallet full of 72 situations of 16.9 oz. Party weights 2,200 pounds. The pallets themselves weigh on mean 40 pounds each and that weight is consisted of in those totals. In instance you are curious the individual situation weights because that the sizes are broken down below. Mental each instance contains 24 bottles and for the 8 oz. Bottles us package 2 cases in a box.

8 oz. Instance weighs 16 lbs. | 12 oz. Instance weighs 22 lbs. | 16.9 oz. Situation weighs 30 lbs.

It"s easy To order A Pallet Of personal Labeled Bottled Water.

We"ve set up our website to do it as straightforward as possible to order pallets the bottled water best online. We provide you the chance to architecture the label digital or upload her finished design and also complete the order there is no making a call, sending an email, or pour it until it is full out any kind of contact united state or questionnaire develops that seem to be so popular amongst our competitors.

All pallet order take approximately 9 organization days come produce, climate they delivery from one of our two facilities depending on your location and the bottle dimension you order. Transit time is in between 1 to 4 days depending on the distribution location. In general arrangement for three weeks from the moment you order to the time your pallet of water is delivered, although many times it"s faster than that.

One other thing the note, we right now do no ship our tradition bottled water outside the U.S. So if you"re searching for bottles to delivery to Canada or internationally, we"re i m really sorry to say we no much longer offer that service.

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If girlfriend have further questions about the product, just how to bespeak a pallet, or aid with making your label please email united state at information at or live chat with us in ~ the bottom left corner of the display from 9 to be to 3 afternoon PST.