Blog devoted to posting median postal weights because that shipping for when you profession stuff virtual or offer things top top ebay. Comfortable if friend dont have actually a scale.

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Domestic and also InternationalYou could need a leader to find the correct dimensions, examine out our side web links for a Printable Ruler.USPS Postage Price CalculatorYou can additionally schedule pick Ups Online.
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Average Postage weight of a blu-ray movie (COMPLETE) weighs an mean of 5 oz.Remember to examine our other articles for median postage weights you can need for gifts during the holiday season.
I"ve taken part common publications sizes and found their average weights. I did 2 usual sizes because that Hardcover books and since paperbacks space a little an ext varied ns did 5 sample sizes. I"ve listed their averages by Dimensions/Pages/Weights.
LxWxH in inches/Avg # of Pages/ Size and Average number of pages in aHardcover/Softcover book.HARDCOVER8x6x2/ 735pgs- 1lb 15oz avg8.5x5.5x1.5/460pgs- 1lb 2oz avgPAPERBACKS9.5x6x1--/370pgs- 15oz avg
7x4.25x2/1360pgs-1lb 5oz avg7x4.25x1/590pgs- 9oz avg6.5x9.5x.05/160pgs- 15oz avgI"ll try to article some typical weights of institution textbooks, next!

Average weight of a:DVD weighs an typical of 4 oz.Xbox 360 video game or a PS3 Game(COMPLETE) weighs an typical of 5 oz.Same because that a Wii GameA complete CD weighs an typical of 4 ozVariables:A 2 key DVD set, weighs an mean of 5 oz .If either of these items has actually a Cardboard Sleeve, add 1 oz to the weight.*Most of this items in reality weigh less that 4.5 oz. However you need to round up if that exceeds one ounce, for shipping purposes.I will carry out a write-up for publications next. This weights room handy if you usage sites like, or simply to name a few.
If girlfriend would like to recognize the median weight of her item, leaving a message in this post and I will try to fullfill your request if ns can.

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Average weight of a bubble Mailer
is 1 oz, exact same for a Padded Envelope and Manila Envelope.add 1 oz. If mail a dvd, cd, video clip game,etc. (disc only) without added packaging.