How many questions do you need to get right to pass the MPRE? Unfortunately, hard and fast data is not released to MPRE takers so it is impossible to tell you an exact number of questions you need to answer correctly to pass the MPRE. However, the information that we give you below is available is very revealing.

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How Many Questions Do You Need toGet Right to Pass the MPRE?

According to an article written in 2011 by Susan M. Case, Ph.D., a former director of the National Conference of Bar Examiners:

A score of 100 = 34 correct out of 50 or 41/60 (approximately 68% correct)A score of 85 = 30 correct out of 50 or 36/60 (approximately 60% correct)A score of 80 = 29 correct out of 50 or 35/60(approximately 58% correct)A score of 75 = 28 correct out of 50 or 34/60 (approximately 56% correct) 

Note that the exact numbers change each administration — so sometimes the raw number of questions that must be answered correctly will increase or decrease depending on the difficulty of the test. However, overall, the numbers will not change much.

It seems quite odd to us that a 56-60% percentage correct – two questions – can make the difference a 75 and an 85 or between passing and failing. This means that you have to fight hard for those ten points (or two questions!) that can determine your MPRE fate.

Note that many law schools and bar review courses say that a score of approximately 32 correctly-answered questions will lead to a score of approximately 85.

Our general recommendation is that if you are scoring between 30 and 35 on most practice exams, you are in the passing range. If you find yourself not quite meeting that score range or consistently on the lower end of that spectrum – and especially if your jurisdiction requires a higher passing score — it may be worth it to dedicate some extra time to studying to ensure you pass the MPRE.

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How Many Questions do you Need to GetRight to Pass the MPRE in your jurisdiction?

What is considered to be a passing score varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. To find out how many questions you need to answer correctly to pass the MPRE in your jurisdiction, please see this list of scores needed in each jurisdiction. They range from a score of 75 to a score of 86.

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