Entertaining and cooking for a bunch of guests is stressful enough as that is without having to worry around whether or no you have enough food to walk around.

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Figuring the end how countless pounds that chicken per person to purchase and also prepare is especially stressful, given how countless different chicken part in chicken cut options you have to pick and also choose from.

A lb of chicken wing is an completely different pet (no pun intended) than a pound of boneless chicken thighs once it comes to figuring out your portions.

How countless pounds the chicken every person? As long as girlfriend stick to this gold rule – around 5 ounces of cook chicken because that adults, and 2 to 3 ounces of cooked chicken for children – you must be an excellent to walk! Of course, due to the fact that of the way chicken is sold, it’s no a bad idea come think around how countless chicken components you want to offer each individual guest, either.

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1 Chicken sections are much better Broken down by Parts, not Weight
1.1 Boneless Chicken
1.2 separation Chicken Breasts
1.3 Chicken Thighs
1.4 Chicken drums
1.5 entirety Legs
1.6 Chicken wings
1.7 Roast Chickens and Cornish game Hens
2 come Eyeball Chicken Portions, usage a closeup of the door Fist

Chicken portions are far better Broken down by Parts, no Weight

Because chicken parts can vary so widely in size and also weight, that a little bit an overwhelming to acquire that 5 or 6 ounces of cook chicken per human being dialed in perfectly.

Instead, a far better approach is come think the how numerous pieces that chicken you desire to serve everyone – and that’s going to it is in dictated through the components themselves and also their average size.

Boneless Chicken

Boneless chicken (boneless chicken thighs or boneless chicken breasts), typically yield anywhere in between 6.5 ounces of cooking chicken and 10 ounces of cooked chicken.

This usually way that friend can get away with giving each guest a single boneless chicken chest or boneless chicken thigh, though it could not be a negative idea to have a small bit extra top top hand.

Some guests space going to it is in bigger eaters than others and you want to be sure that you have seconds because that anyone that would prefer some.

Split Chicken Breasts

Split chicken breasts usually come in packs of four and also average about 2.5 to 3 pounds the uncooked meat or so.

That’s walking to cut down and yield anywhere in between 6 and 8 ounces that meat every breast, letting girlfriend feed around four adults (and 6 children) with just a pair of break-up breasts.

When shopping for any type of chicken that contains bone you have to anticipate around a 15% “loss” turn off the peak of the package weight.

Chicken Thighs

Chicken thigh sizes and also weights can be anywhere the place, from tiny chicken thighs that weigh beside nothing (even with bones in them) to giant chicken thighs the look choose they can feed a small army without any trouble at all.

If you average things out, though, many chicken thigh “four packs” are going to come in in ~ anywhere between one and also 1.5 pounds, with each next yielding about four or 5 ounces of cooked meat by the time you are done.

It i will not ~ be a poor idea to suppose your guests to have the ability to eat two chicken thighs of mean size, expertise that some folks are probably only going to eat one and others are possibly going to want a little much more than the two they’ve been given.

Chicken Drums

Chicken drumsticks likewise come in a bunch of different shapes and also sizes, but the median chicken north is going come weigh about 4 ounces. The yield below is going to it is in about half that when whatever is said and done.

Shoot for two drumsticks because that every adult eater (and one because that every child) and also you’ll virtually always be in the clear.

Whole Legs

Chicken foot are consisted of of the drumstick and also the thigh, with totality legs commonly yielding anywhere in between 6 and also 7 ounces of cooking meat.

One totality leg is generally plenty sufficient for every adult eater (even because that those that space bigger eaters than others). If you’re not going to rest them down into component parts – drums and also thighs – you’ll desire to stick v one leg every person.

Four totality chicken foot will practically always feeding a family of four without any trouble in ~ all!

Chicken Wings

There isn’t a person under the sun that doesn’t love come dig right into really great chicken wings, i m sorry is why you commonly want to walk a small overboard as soon as estimating how countless wings per person you desire to have actually on hand.

Between four and also six entirety wings will certainly usually do the trick, with entirety wings making up the drum and also the flat. If you room buying wings that have currently been separation it’s no a negative idea to dual up, making sure everyone has between eight and 12 wings to dive into.

Roast Chickens and Cornish video game Hens

Your average roaster chicken is going come come in tipping the scale at in between 3 and also 4 pounds, and also that’s usually enough to feeding 4 to 6 human being pretty comfortably. Smaller sized roaster chickens and larger roaster chickens room available, however that 3 come 4 pounds sweet clues is the ideal.

Cornish video game hens are substantially smaller than your mean roaster chicken, generally weighing no more than between 1.5 pounds and also 2 pounds. Smaller sized Cornish video game hens will normally feed one human with the bigger birds feeding two.

To Eyeball Chicken Portions, usage a closed Fist

If you need a quick method to eyeball whether or no you have sufficient chicken ~ above hand to feeding everyone, simply organize a balled fist as much as each individual piece of chicken – with each fist sized part representing one adult eater.

Your closed fist is going to represent around how much an are an average part of chicken should take up on a plate.

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This is small “cheat code” can aid you purchase simply the ideal amount of chicken in ~ the grocery store store, too. Just organize up your fist to the package, relocating from one item of chicken come the next, twin confirming that you’re going come have plenty of of chicken for the key you room preparing and also the civilization that you room going to it is in serving.

Go a tiny bit “overboard” come account because that yield ~ the cooking is done and also you’ll be great to go!