Find directions for gorgeous scenic drives follow me coastline and through woods and also forests, for year round and also especially for autumn foliage season. Be certain to visit Rhode Island"s scenic drives, foliage drives, scenic highways, nationwide Scenic Byways.

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If you travel from Providence to Newport indigenous the funding city’s ago door, you deserve to avoid I-95 and also enjoy the sights of several towns, farm fields and vineyards top top the east side that Narragansett Bay and also the islands of the Bay. Leaving Providence by traveling through east Providence on I-954 and also then rotate off onto course 114, which will certainly take you through the communities of Barrington, Warren, and Bristol. Along the way, you will pass (and may visit) Blithewold mansion and gardens in Bristol, Colt State Park, a bright and also airy information-packed education center of Rhode Island Audubon.Nearby clues of Interest:♦ Blithewold Mansion, Gardens, and also Arboretum♦ Colt State Park♦ Audubon culture of RI environmental Education Center♦ Newport Vineyards

The ski River, relocating from north Rhode Island come south-central Massachusetts, is an reality of American commercial history. The is the location of the Slater Mill in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. This to be the country’s an initial textile mill, make with technology imported covertly from England. The best way to monitor this path is to take trip from one local Visitor center to the next. They are the Blackstone valley Visitor"s Center, 175 key Street, Pawtucket, Rhode Island, (800-454-2882) and also the River Bend farm yard Visitor Center, 287 Oak Street, Uxbridge, Massachusetts, (508-278-7604).Intersting points along the route, in addition to Slater Mill historic Site in Pawtucket, space Lincoln Woods State Park in ~ 2 Manchester publish Works road in Lincoln and also the Museum of job-related and culture in Woonsocket, which speak the stories of mill workers here.

Conanicut Island, home of the city of Jamestown and Beavertail Park, is situated in Narragansett Bay in between the mainland of southern Rhode Island and also Aquidneck Island, house of Newport. Conanicut Island is a long, narrow, north-to-south strip of land, and it is a lover drive past fields, towns, gardens, and salt marshes, with remote views that the bay, the mainland, and also arching bridges. Two parallel north-south roadways that take trip the length of the island are eastern Shore Road and also North key Road. Towards the southern part of the island, take it Beavertail road to the splendid Beavertail Park, through its expansive views of the bay, rocky shores, and also lighthouse.

inland route from eastern Greenwich to Charlestown beaches eastern Greenwich, Exeter, Carolina, Kingston, RI Phone:

This inland, southbound route takes you really pretty inner towns of southern Rhode Island native I-95 in West Warwick and also East Greenwich to course 1 in Charlestown, greatly via paths 2 and 112. Course 1 runs parallel come the coast of long Island Sound and also gives accessibility to several beautiful beaches and a saltwater pond. You happen close come Kingston and also University of Rhode Island on route 138. Nearby point out of Interest:♦ Ninigret nationwide Wildlife Refuge. ♦ Trustom Pond nationwide Wildlife Refuge.

ocean Avenue and also Fort Adams in Newport -- 10 mile

follow me the coast Newport, RI Phone:

Length: 10 miles

In the early on 1800s many wealthy human being from brand-new York and Philadelphia escaped come Newport on Rhode Island throughout the warm summers. Some of those bright of the Gilded Age develop the well known mansions -- The Breakers, Marble House, Rosecliff -- clustered close to Bellevue Drive. Today, human being drive, walk, and bicycle s Avenue to reap dramatic vistas that the waters, islands, and also bridges that Newport and also neighboring Jamestown. You re welcome watch for the security of bicyclists; the shoulder ~ above this roadway is slim.Nearby clues of Interest: Bannister’s wharf on America’s Cup way in downtown Newport; fort Adams State Park, website of the Newport jazz and also folk festivals; Breton allude State Park, v wonderful see of Narragansett Bay.
Shannock village Road

route 112 to path 2 Richmond come Charlestown, RI Phone:

Length: 2 miles

Shannock road passes with the town of Charlestown and also Shannock village from route 2 to route 112. Along the way, there space beautiful see of homes, farms, and also a 1850 textile mill village, a well-preserved instance of this communities, including real estate for mill workers. Shannock town itself is on the national Register of historical Places.
Route 1A is a delightful, scenic diversion native US path 1. The road meanders along the coves and also inlets, affording riders v views the water and the countryside. Easily accessible from path 1 at numerous points in southern County.

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