This post describes the suitable mechanics for how to slide in baseball, including exactly how to slide head first, pop-up and hook slide.

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 Sliding is exactly how we get into a base as easily as feasible while maintaining contact with the bag (i.e. No over to run it and risk obtaining tagged). Sliding deserve to be provided to avoid or redirect our momentum, break up a dual play on the bases, or make a tag beat more complicated by utilizing a hook slide.

There space three types of slides in baseball: Feet very first (or popular music up), head first, or hook slide.

Feet an initial or popular music up slide


How to popular music up slide. Images by frank Lauri

This is the most advantageous of the slides, and the safest.

When in doubt, walk feet first.

This technique of sliding can be provided in any type of situation. This is also known as the popular music up slide because if you execute it effectively you will have the ability to use her momentum once you struggle the bag to pop up quickly and also continue running if needed.

How to popular music Up SlideOne of your legs is walk to be extended and will make contact with the bag. It doesn’t issue which one friend choose.Your fishing eye of your other leg will certainly be placed under your right legs hamstring. This will certainly look comparable to the number “4”. You will save both her hands up. This is so when you make call with the soil you will not slam her wrists in the ground and also break a wrist.You will certainly make contact with the ground through your bending knee and the upper component of the earlier of your directly leg.

Head an initial slide


The head very first slide may gain you into the basic a small quicker 보다 going feet first, yet there is a higher risk that injury. Chris Dickerson slides into second base. Pictures by candid Lauri

Benefits. Head first is assumed of as the quickest means of sliding right into a base. This is due to the fact that you save your inert going front opposed to having actually to sit earlier on her legs or earlier side.

It can likewise be beneficial because sometimes you have the right to manipulate the slide a tiny by shifting your hands to try to prevent a tag.

Downsides. Head very first should not be used when slide into house plate at any type of time (the catcher with all his gear on can do some damage to your fingers and your shoulders if girlfriend come in head first).

Also, sliding head an initial when do the efforts to break up a dual play is illegal, and you and the hitter will be dubbed out.

Sliding head an initial can it is in dangerous. Some guys have broken fingers through hitting the basic the dorn way, or if an infielder jumps and also lands ~ above them. Also, if a infielder jumps and comes down on your arms or shoulders you can really hurt your shoulders.

Some teams space really starting to advise their football player to avoid sliding head first and to acquire used to sliding feet first.

How to on slide head first, and also tips to prevent injuryAs you space running start your lean forward.Extend your body front and shot to save your forearms and also hands the end in former of you.Cock your wrist earlier so once your hands make contact with the bag, the heels of her palm will certainly hit it and not her fingers. This will aid to stop finger injuries.

Hook slide

What is a hook slide?

 The hook is a spin off of the continuous feet very first slide. The only difference is that instead of making contact with her foot, you will slide feet very first but to one next or the other and grab the base with one of your hands.

This is an extremely useful specifically on a pat at home plate. It offers the defender do the tag less body to touch. Also, when done correctly you can move your hand so you have the right to avoid the gloves that is trying to tag you. As soon as hook slide into home you can hit the back corner the the plate v a real rapid hand motion that can be difficult to tag.

You can use this at various other bases together well, particularly if a throw is taking a defender come one next of the bag. In this instance you deserve to slide come the various other side the the bag and grab v your hand.

How come Hook Slide

The mechanics room the very same as the feet first slide, other than you’ll be sliding to one side or the other and also reach earlier with your hand to grab the bag.

It used to be that you could use the hook slide as soon as trying to rest up a twin play at second base. However, the rules have changed now and you have to only use a hook on slide (at any kind of level) if you space trying to prevent a tag and not to rest up a play.


When to use a hook slide: usage the hook slide if that will help you prevent a tag.When no to usage a hook slide: do NOT usage a hook on slide to intentionally try to break up a dual play. The brand-new rules in the advantages (and I believe just around everywhere else) is the if over there is any chance that contact, you need to slide straight into the bag.

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Recently, in a college game, a girl to run for residence actually walk airborne and jumped over the catcher, and also then as she to be landing, her hand came down, struggle the plate, and she to be safe.

I thought that was illegal, but there is a preeminence in the NCC that you can jump end the defensive player. What is the preeminence in experienced baseball? If you room running because that home, what room you able to do and not do. The girl did continue to be in the running lane,but jumped over the catcher. Is that permitted on significant league baseball ?