This is a common question among most aspiring riders. In this article, I’ll answer this question by telling you how fast each type of dirt bike goes…

Dirt biking represents an excellent activity for anyone interested in speed. There are numerous dirt bikes in the market which vary in speed and other features.

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The humming engine, spectators, and fans looking fascinated by the display of these fast-moving dirt bikes make the entire sport an amazing activity to take part in. The speed exhibited by the dirt bikes gives you thrill and goosebumps.

The high-flying risky moves and exhibitions coupled with balance, skill, and speed can provide an entertaining experience of its own. Although the high speed is dangerous, some folks are good at these races.

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Consider the following dirt bikes and their speed;


2 Stroke Vs. 4 Stroke

Not all four-stroke bikes have been built similarly. When looking at the different bike makes out there in the market, it is important to ensure that you conduct your research properly if you need top speed choices.

Some make that are 125cc four-stroke mikes can run for a speed of 35 miles per hour while others can go at a rate of up to 55 miles per hour. Take, for example, Honda CRF 125 and Yamaha TTR 125, CRF is much faster than TTR in terms of speed and how it responds to throttle.

However, you find that TTR has other remarkable features superior to CRF, such as comfortable suspension. Conduct your research to determine what specifically needs in a speed bike.

On the contrary, two strokes’ bikes have a higher speed compared to four-strokes bikes even though similar sized. You will find that a 125 cc 2stroke bike can do laps around their 4stroke counterpart.

The 2 stroke bikes have a relatively higher speed, which makes them ideal for tracking races.

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The Dangers of Speed

It does not matter how gifted you are, anything with the ability to roll poses a great danger if you are not experienced enough. A 125-cc dirt bike is generally for older kids, the ones with very little knowledge of riding speed bikes.

If you intend to purchase a dirt bike for your kids, be ready to accept that at some point, they will fall. Even with a slower 50cc bike, you are not guaranteed to be free from falling once in a while. You should, however, take every fall as a learning point of what you did wrong.

Ensure that you purchase protective gear for you and your household. Teach your kids how to operate the bike and allow them to understand riding through their own experience.

How fast does a 50cc dirt bike go?

50cc bikes are quite famous, especially among folks who just began being enthusiastic about dirt bikes. One of the major reasons why they are famous is because they have a speed balanced that is presumed to be healthy and safe.

Most well-known 50 cc bikes average a speed that ranges from 25 to miles per hour. Young riders have the chance to exercise at a speed that is relatively high yet reasonable for beginners.

Even though the speed is still high for small kids learning how to ride the dirt bike, parents can still limit their comfort for their children.

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How fast does a 110cc dirt bike go?

110cc dirt bikes are considered to be a standard version when it comes to riding; they are not as heavy as beasts such as 250cc, 500 or 600cc bikes. They are considered as the modest version of dirt bikes.

Most 110cc dirt bikes have a speed that varies from 30-38 MPH. However, there are 110cc bikes that can run up to 55MPH. The 110 cc bikes are easy to ride, and their design is not only sleek but also the latest in the market.

Their speed is not affected by the weight exerted on them; whether you are a big or small person, you can still enjoy riding the bikes at an amazing speed. Different engine levels support different weights, thus ensure that you can match your pounds with the right engine.

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How fast does a 125cc dirt bike go?

Are you wondering at what speed does that 125cc dirt bike goes? Speeds are different depending on the engine size as well as the brand, whether 2-stroke or 4-stroke. So how fast does a typical 125 cc dirt bike go?


The average speed clicks up to 45mph. However, the top 125cc bikes can go for a maximum of over 100mph. However, contrary to most opinions, not all 125cc bikes have the ability to go for such top speeds.

When dirt bikes are mentioned, the idea of the off-road is what crosses one’s mind rather than speed. Most 125 cc two-stroke bikes average a minimum of 50mph while 125cc 4 stroke average a minimum of 45mph.

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How fast does a 250cc dirt bike go?

If you happen to attend any motocross sports, then there is a chance you will hear folks asking, “how fast does a 250cc dirt bike go?” most riders are growing interested in finding out what a 250cc engine is capable of.

Unfortunately, there are so many answers out there on the real ability of a 250cc dirt bike. That is why I have considered researching to obtain the right information on what speed a 250cc dirt bike can go.

Most 250cc dirt bikes average a maximum speed of between 70mph and 78mph after using the models currently in the market. The average speed varies from one model to another, with some bikes able to reach over 80mph.

Under normal circumstances, most 250cc bikes are unable to reach 100mph with the limit depending on the street rider. Thus, most brands ensure that their bikes average speed of 80mph.

There is no real big difference between a 250cc 2 stroke dirt bike and a 250cc four-stroke bike in terms of speed.

When the two are put in a race, the winning bike will depend on factors such as the experience of the rider and issues such as bike tweaks; the engine does not count per se. How experienced the rider is will determine who will triumph in such a race

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How fast does a 450cc dirt bike go?

Are you pondering how fast a 450cc dirt bike goes? Well, as you are going to see, speed limits vary from one brand to another. An only a small number of models can at relatively high speed. The average speed that a 450cc dirt bike goes is a maximum of 87miles per hour.

However, there are other important factors in determining the speed of a 450cc dirt bike; factors such as the rider’s weight, modifications, and brand influence the speed rate.

The stroke of the engine and the manufacturer are particularly the most important factors that influence the speed of a 450cc dirt bike.

Each manufacturer tries to explain how their brand of dirt bike is the fastest in the market. However, how experienced the rider is will also determine whether the dirt bike will attain its intended maximum speed.

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Whether the 450cc dirt bike is a two-stroke or four strokes, the speed will rest on the rider and how the engine modifications are in each bike.