Mark her calendars for the eighth yearly Raptor operation 5K in ~ the creation Museum on October 15, 2016! whether you are an avid jogger or a casual walker, this event is sure to be funny for the whole family. As we prepare for the 5K, we started wondering, “How quick can our petting zoo pets run?” here are the top speeds for 4 of our animal kinds.

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CJ and also Gomer

CJ and Gomer room our dromedary camels. A camel that has actually been properly conditioned have the right to run up to 40 miles per hour. However, they have the right to only perform this for short distances, and also CJ and Gomer have never gotten all over close to the speed! If you plan to gain a camel ride throughout your visit come the creation Museum, CJ and Gomer take it you ~ above a pretty stroll roughly the track. Be certain to inspect the daily schedule to watch if camel rides will be available during her visit.


Cletus and also Zoe

Our petting zoo is home to two various zebra hybrids. Cletus is our zonkey (a zebra and donkey hybrid) and also Zoe is our zorse (a zebra and horse hybrid), yet all equines are reasonably fast. A zebra can run approximately 40 mile an hour. Part horses have the right to reach accelerates to 55 miles every hour, if a donkey deserve to run approximately 30 miles an hour.


Bandit and also Skippy

Our wallabies, Bandit and also Skippy, might be small, yet they space also very quick. The typical wallaby can hop approximately 30 miles per hour. Because kangaroos are much larger, however, they can hop as much as 40 mile an hour. You can see 4 of these amazing creatures at our sisters attraction, the Ark Encounter.



Our resident moustache dragon, Mushu, can, in theory, with speeds of as much as nine miles every hour. While that might seem slow contrasted to our various other petting zoo animals, the is actually rapid for a cold-blooded animal. Be on the lookout because that your opportunity to accomplish Mushu as soon as our petting zoo staff members bring him the end and around the museum grounds.

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Since animal behaviors room unpredictable, it is tough to speak which among our animals would be the winner if castle participated in the Raptor Run! However, to see how rapid you can run in this year"s event, register now for your opportunity to take house the optimal prize in your category. Visit the event page for much more information around the Raptor run 5K.