Anakin Skywalker is more than likely the most intriguing character in the Star wars universe, with a character arc prefer no other. And also even though civilization love him so much, and also know practically everything about him, one question constantly arises, exactly how did Anakin Skywalker gain his scar?

Asajj Ventress, the apprentice that sith lord Count Dooku, sliced Anakin near his eyes and also left him v a irreversible scar. This duel occurred in between movies, in the comic called “Republic #71: The Dreadnaughts the Rendili, part 3.”

George Lucas make three films to describe his origin and journey from a young, cheerful & innocent child to one of the greatest movie villains ever. And also jet, several of the explanations had actually to come indigenous comic books.

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native a boy to among the greatest Villians of all Time
exactly how Did Anakin Skywalker get His Scar?
What episode did Anakin acquire His Scar?
just how Did Anakin lose His Hand?
how Did Anakin shed his legs?
exactly how Did Anakin Die?

From a young to among the greatest Villians of every Time

Anakin to be a servant boy in the desert planet Tatooine that wanted to escape and also travel the galaxy. Once Jedi master Qui-Gon saw, he soon realized that the boy was special. 

He gained his blood tested because that midi-chlorian, which was over 20,000 per cell. Midi-chlorian counts are linked to one’s potential in force. Anakin had actually the greatest known count for midi-chlorians.

Jedi masters believed that he to be the liked one; he would carry balance come the force. Jedi board of directors did not permit him come train in ~ the Jedi temple since he was also old, however master Qui-Gon chose to take it him under his wings and train Anakin himself.

Qui-Gon, however, died before he can ever begin Anakin’s training. So, his pupil Obi-Wan Kenobi decided to fulfill his master’s wish by maintain Anakin.

Anakin grew out to it is in a wonderful young Jedi. He to be impulsive and also egotistical from the start, constantly laughing in ~ the face of danger and also never fearing anything.

He was at risk to anger, hate, and also fear indigenous the beginning. We saw him struggling through these feelings rather a lot. The is ironic how he was an alleged to bring balance come the force; instead, that went fully opposite and destroyed the peace in the galaxy.

How go Anakin Skywalker get His Scar?

Anakin had lost every one of his limbs; he was mutilated past recognition, but still, the scar ~ above his eye is one mystery that the fanbase desires to uncover. In ~ the finish of illustration I, the was fully fine, however then in ~ the beginning of episode III, there to be a scar top top his eye. The movies did not describe how he gained the scar. Still, the price lies what in the Star wars universe.

Specifically, among the comics that came out in in between these two films showed Anakin fighting versus Asajj Ventress, the apprentice the sith mr Count Dooku. She to be trained in the dark side of the force and used come fight through two lightsabers. 


At some suggest in a mission, he acquired into a lightsaber duel through Asajj. Throughout the fight, she got the upper hand; she can have killed him but decided not to. To present off she skill, she sliced near his eye with the guideline of the lightsaber and also left him with a permanent scar. Eventually, Anakin won the hit leaving Asajj severely wounded.

This event is not a part of the canon, there have actually been some continuity issues, but this is the best explanation and also only information we have about the scar. This scar quickly becomes meaningless Infront tragedies that were waiting for Anakin.

What episode did Anakin acquire His Scar?

Anakin acquired his scar somewhere in between Episode II and also Episode III. The is not quite sure when however there was no scar in “Clone Wars”. At the begin of “Revenge the the Sith” the scare was present near his eye.

Revenge that the Sith is collection three year after Clone Wars. So, he got this scar in in between these 3 years in a duel with Asajj Ventress.

How did Anakin lose His Hand?

In episode II: attack of the Clones, Obi-Wan finds self on Geonosis, wherein he reaches by adhering to a bounty hunter named Jango Fett. There Obi-Wan discovers a Separatist gathering the Count Dooku is leading. Count Doku is sith lord and also apprentice the Darth Sidious, much more commonly known as Palpatine.

Obi-Wan tries to send a blog post to the Jedi council, however droids attacked him, and he was very far from Coruscant. For this reason he sends the post to Anakin, who was on Tatooine, who at the moment was grieving his mother.

Padme insists Anakin to walk to Geonosis to conserve Obi-Wan due to the fact that they room closer to him 보다 Jedi. Anakin refused to go due to the fact that his mission to be to defend her. Padme climate decides to paris to Geonosis taking points to his hands, knowing Anakin will certainly follow she to defend her.

Upon come in Geonosis, they challenge thousands that droids attacking them; lock were captured quickly and brought come an arena to be executed wherein Obi-Wan was currently present. Somehow, they regulate to hold-up it till Jedi arrive with clones and also obliterate the droid forces. Most of the Separatist leaders regulate to escape.

Anakin and Obi-Wan monitor Doku and get into a duel with him. Doku to be the master of Qui-Gon and likewise a sith lord. Anakin and also Obi-wan with each other were not even a match for him. Doku quickly knocks out Anakin if Obi-Wan make the efforts to organize his own.

After some time, Anakin join the fight again, and also Doku cut off his hand with a swing that his lightsaber. It to be poetic the Anakin took his revenge by cutting both of his hands and his neck later on on. Anyways Doku escapes to Coruscant, whereby he offers his understand the plans of the death Star.

How walk Anakin lose his legs?

In illustration III Anakin began to have actually nightmares and also premonitions around the fatality of Padme. The loved she so much that the did not desire to lose her. That had currently lost his mother and he was seeking a way to protect against the death of his loved ones. He talked to grasp Yoda however he walk not provide him any type of satisfying answer.

Palpatine began taking much more and much more interest in Anakin, since he wanted Anakin to be his following disciple. He told Anakin that he can keep his loved ones from dice if the turned to the dark side of the force.

Initially, Anakin to be really doubtful under the influence of his Jedi morals and also training. He finally gave in to his desire come have an ext power. Palpatine lugged out his setup to death every Jedi and he ordered Anakin to death all the younglings, and also he obeyed. As soon as the enduring Jedi, Obi-Wan and also Yoda, uncovered out around that they to be shocked and disappointed.

Obi-Wan told Padme everything and also asked if she knew wherein Anakin was? She walk not think Obi-Wan and also did not expose Anakin’s whereabouts. After ~ learning around that she travels to Mustafar and also Obi-Wan hides in the ship. Anakin invited her and also she request him about his treachery. Upon learning the truth, she starts to back away from that stating she does not love him anymore.

When Obi-Wan emerges from the delivery Anakin gets furious, he think they both made a plan to death him. In agony, the strangles Padme and knocks she unconscious. Then Obi-Wan and Anakin obtain into a an extensive lightsaber duel ~ above the volcano planet. 

Upon reaching at the higher ground Obi-Wan begs Anakin to stop and also tells that he is lost. Being a hotheaded arrogant human Anakin does not listen and jumps in the direction of Obi-Wan, causing Obi-Wan severing both that his legs and left arm.

Obi-Wan cries since of what Anakin had become, that was an alleged to be the preferred one and also he was really close come Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan take away his lightsaber, clock him engulfed in flames and leaves him because that dead.

Padme die in childbirth as Anakin had currently foreseen. Ironically Anakin came to be the reason of she death, she had actually lost her will certainly to live. Palpatine retrieves Anakin that was still in which method alive and also have his human body treated and covered in black armored suit and mask, truly becoming Darth Vader.

How did Anakin Die?

Many year later, in the events of episode VI, Luke Skywalker the child of Darth Vader, surrenders self to imperial troops. His arrangement was to challenge his father and also convince the to readjust and refuse the dark next of the force. But Darth Vader had actually other plans of turning Luke to the dark side. He takes Luke to accomplish Emperor.

Palpatine tempts Luke to offer in come his anger prefer he did to his father numerous years ago, Luke make the efforts to strike Emperor however Vader stop him starting a duel in between father and also son. During the fight, Vader senses the Luke has a sister, understands why Obi-Wan hid her identification from him and also threatens to rotate her to the dark side. ~ listening to this Luke gets furious and attacks Vader causing Vader losing his robotic hand.

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Emperor tempts Luke to kill his father and also take his place alongside him, however Luke refuses. Emperor it s okay furious and also strikes that with pressure lightning. Seeing Luke in excessive pain, Vader snaps and also finally saves him by cram Emperor down the reactor. Vader gets mortally electrocuted in the process. 

Vader asks Luke to eliminate his mask since he want to see his kid with his very own eye. Shortly after Luke gets rid of his mask Anakin Skywalker die in his young arm.