Mannie: Please post detailed pictures of both sides of the gun and also readable, close-ups of every markings, including patent days for identification and evaluation.

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The patent dates and also ALL markings top top the optimal of the barrel and also frame and also other places plus the serial number through letter prefix (is there is one) under the left grip panel or the revolver butt room absolutely vital to recognize the Model and also variation of your revolver.




Mannie: her Hammerless bag Revolver to be chambered for either .32 S & W black Powder cartridges or .38 S & W black Powder cartridges. The is not considered safe to usage this revolver with contemporary Smokeless powder ammunition.

To identify caliber, measure up diameter the the cylinder chambers.

.32 S&W = 0.335" chamber diameter

.38 S&W = 0.386" chamber diameter.

Cartridges loaded with black flour are available from :

2 year ago

4 in Barrel. An excellent shapeCan nobody Black power 38 S & W be provided with the gun?


Cycilder note 742Double Action

38 play Aug 21 1906Norwich CONN USA


Those might interest you:

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Two Old Dogs
2 years ago

Hopkins: you have, what shows up to be a Triple activity Safety Police Revolver make in the period circa 1908-1915. There space no records available to offer a an ext exact date.

This revolver is chambered for the .38 S. & W. Smokeless powder cartridge.

See this blog for thorough information:

The patent day posted is for patent number 829,082 issued respectable 21, 1906 to man J. Murphy because that the safety an equipment used on the security Police Revolver.

Retail worth for a total in the condition shown (half that the nickel plating peeled off) would variety from $150 to $200 depending on mechanical and also bore condition and remaining original steel finish.

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