Last minute flight deals native Dallas to Honolulu International

Feeling spontaneous? It’s never ever too so late to publication a trip. This is our choose of the best last minute flights.

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Direct flights indigenous Dallas to Honolulu International

Want to fly non-stop come Honolulu International? We’ll help you find your best route.


Hilton Garden Inn Waikiki Beach


Waikiki resort Hotel


COVID-19 travel restrictions are changing fast, but we're here to help you uncover the advice friend need. Check our live page on travel limitations to view if you deserve to travel from Dallas to Honolulu International, and also if you'll must quarantine ~ above arrival.
The finest price uncovered on because that a flight from Dallas come Honolulu worldwide is $248. This was found by aggregating across different carriers and also is the cheapest price for the entirety month.
daily nonstop service is available from American, flying out of Dallas-Fort Worth. The direct flight takes around eight and also a fifty percent hours. Several various other daily options are easily accessible that have actually a prevent of about an hour in Los Angeles. These include additional flights v American and also United, Delta and Virgin America.

Dallas exit Information

If you're departing native Dallas, you can take the DART light rail many of the means to the airport. A shuttle bus dubbed the Love link takes passengers from Inwood / Love field Station come the airport. This shuttle circulates number of times every hour all day long, only shutting down for a few hours overnight.

If you should grab something come eat before the flight, DFW has a huge variety of dining options. Numerous of the usual quick-serve chains are current at the airport, yet nicer fare is additionally available. Higher-end restaurants at the airport encompass Whitetail Bistro, Cool river Cafe, Cousins Bar-B-Q, Lorena Garcia Tapas Y Cocina and also Vino Volo. And also even if you're no a fan, the Dallas Cowboys club is worth a look because that its Tex-Mex fare and range of beers on tap.

Unlimited free WiFi is easily accessible throughout the airport; look for the "attwifi" connections.

Preparing to arrive at Honolulu International

The Daniel K. Inouye worldwide Airport has a number of interesting dining options including episode at Umaizushi, warm dog sandwiches in ~ Makai Plantation, roast chicken from Lahaina Chicken company and fresh salads from The Local. Of course, if you just want something fast from a familiar chain, that's an choice too. Burgess King, Starbucks, Pinkberry, Quiznos and also California Pizza Kitchen room all ~ above site.

There is no rail company from the airport, yet there are several city buses that avoid there and connect to downtown and the Air force base. A number of rental vehicle chains are additionally present in ~ the airport including Budget, National, Enterprise and also Hertz.

Free WiFi is available all throughout the airport. Computer workstations that charge a fee are also easily accessible in the main concourse.

Things to carry out in Honolulu

When human being think "vacation", Honolulu (or something lot like it) is just one of the first places that involves mind. Hawaii's tropical resources enjoys mild weather every year long and an extensive dry season from might to October. The beach and outdoor adventures space usually the main draw for visitors, however Honolulu is additionally the state's center for dining, nightlife and shopping.

Prime hiking spots in the area encompass Diamond Head, Hanauma Bay, Nu'uanu Pali, and Koko Head. Waikiki beach is the most commemorated stretch that sand because that lounging and surfing, but there are numerous other quality beach clues in the Honolulu area: Kuhio, Kahala, Ala Moana and also Fort DeRussy among them.

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Honolulu is additionally a must-see for American background buffs, particularly those interested in armed forces history. Pearl harbor is still in use as an energetic military installation, but likewise hosts a selection of museums and historic web page such together the Pacific Aviation Museum, the Battleship Missouri and USS Arizona memorials, the USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and also the Pearl Harbor historic Site. In addition to naval history, countless visitors enjoy the 'Iolani Palace, Honolulu Museum the Art, Moanalua Gardens and also the Hawaii State art Museum.