LE>Super NES Pro action Replay codes: final Fantasy 3 obtain a free iPad or MacBook Air!!!!!!!Final Fantasy 3Books: how to win at supervisor NES games - supervisor NES gamings SecretsConquering SNES GamesC0C2F60C some bosses room at the velet.C0C8340C immediate airship C0CE2E00 Sprint shoes C0D04FFF Walk with walls almost everywhere in many houses, buildings, or whatever. Doesn"t job-related too good outside in a town. C0F07E07 Leo and also Kefka C28F93FF Level 99 in 0ne battle C28F9C14 No arbitrarily encounters C28F9C1C Hit twice C28F9CCC Party hits double C28F9ECC all relics! also cursed ones! C28FA5CC immediate Sprint Shoes and Moggle Charm. C28FB5CC prompt freeze and also float. C28FB60B constantly have Haste, Float and Regen C2D74400 Everyone has actually a surprise Economizer--In battle mode C2DDE8CC get gold C2DF0CCC get Illumina or Ragnarok after fight depending who you fight, to add a many random items!C2DF2CCC give items C2DF9ECC all relics equipped C2DFA80A conversion C2E050FF discover all spells of fitted Esper after ~ one battle C2E13BE4 learn all spells after 1 battle C2E53BE4 find out all spells ~ 1 fightC39DAEFF Equip items again and again in other words, infinite tools C39DB3EA Items could be used infinity C3BBA564 all items are freeC3D13400 hidden Economizers (outside of fight mode) D8EB44F0 Tonics provides 240HP D8EB9EF0 Tincture provides 240 MPEDFCA0FF Terra starts v 276 HPEDFCA21B Terra start with menu item one changed. EDFCA8FF changes Terra"s Stamina EDFCAF06 start Terra with Man-eater fitted EDFCAF0E begin Terra with Blizzard equipped EDFCAF13 start Terra with Enhancer equipped EDFCAF18 begin Terra with Excalibur fitted EDFCAF1A start Terra through Illumina fitted EDFCAF1C 200HP EDFCAF2E begin Terra through Tempest fitted EDFCB05C begin Terra with Mithril shield equipped EDFCB05D start Terra v Gold shield fitted EDFCB060 begin Terra with Fire shield equipped EDFCB061 start Terra through Ice shield fitted EDFCB16A begin Terra with Hairband fitted EDFCB178 start Terra with Red cap fitted EDFCB179 start Terra with an enig veil fitted EDFCB17A start Terra through Circlet fitted EDFCB288 start Terra v Silk robe equipped EDFCB289 begin Terra v Mithril vest fitted EDFCB28B begin Terra v White dress fitted EDFCB294 start Terra with force armor fitted EDFCB29A begin Terra v Genji armor equipped EDFCB3C2 Terra is equiped with cursed ring in relic one slot. EDFCBF1A Terra is equiped with Illumina in weapon slot.7E186AD3 begin with 255 providing Relics 7E186AD3 begin with 255 offering Relics 7E196963 acquire 99 article in frist slot 7E1A6763 any item put in the final row will have 99. You can move it and also it will certainly retain having 99.C2DF2016 gain 99 of every items. C2DF25CC earn weaponsC2DF25CCC2DF28CCC2DF2CCCC2DF2D03 Items after battle2097E160 K/R:34 HP because that Terra 4FC827A0 All weapons equpied and Gogo, Terra in pary at level 994FC827A08CDAEECC have all wepons and also all start at level 99 for Sabin, Terra and Gogo 7E161300EE001300 everyone starts in ~ level 997E1613EE everyone starts at level99 7E1616FF 1st command 7E161BA0 Speed7E162300DE082300 start with Moogle Charm fitted to Terra7E1623DE begin with Moogle Charm fitted to Terra 7E186A00D3006A00 begin with 255 giving Relics 7E186A00D3086A007E1A69FF7E1A6AFF7E1A6BFF7E1A6CFF Adds all espers to your esper list.7E2E7800FF007800 Sets 1st person"s HP come multiples of 255. The way it functions is this: If the max HP of the an initial person is in between 1 and also 255, it will certainly be 255. If the is 256 to 511, it will certainly be 511. If that is 512 come 767, it will be 767, and also so on. Critical digits have the right to be readjusted for other 3 people... 7A, D5, F6 because that #2, 7C, F5, F8 for #3, and also 7E, 15, FA because that #4.7E2E780F7E2E7927 It provides you 9999 HP! readjust the number to 7A, 7B because that #2, 7C, 7D for#3, and 7E, 7F for #4.7E2E78FF7E2EB5FF7E3BF4FF Sets first person"s HP to multiples that 255. The way it functions is this: If the max HP the the very first person is between 1 and also 255, it will certainly be 255. If it is 256 to 511, it will certainly be 511. If the is 512 come 767, it will be 767, and so on. Last digits have the right to be readjusted for various other 3 people...

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7A, D5, F6 for #2, 7C, F5, F8 because that #3, and also 7E, 15, FA for #4. Nintendo VideosCodes game Shark video game Genie frequently asked questions PARPrinting tips residence E-Mail UsPrivacy StatementBuy Nintendo Wii - to buy Nintendo DS - Buy video clip Games