Don’t try ripping her CD prefer this

If you’ve ever wondered what it way to “rip a CD” then you’re no alone. This inquiry is inquiry at the very least once a month on the miscellaneous datahoarding forums and also subreddits. Because that some civilization (like myself) who have actually been ~ above the datahoarding scene for years, it’s occasionally seen together a silly question however we should remember that we all had actually to start our datahoarding trip somewhere.

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To put it really simply, “rip a cd” means to copy the digital audio from a compact disc (CD) and also to save it as a file. There space various methods to rip a CD, over there are countless different software packages to aid with the task and also a whole host of means to keep the audio. Prior to we acquire into the mechanics of every this, let’s discover from where the term “rip” originates.

Where does the word “rip” come from?

Unfortunately, we may never recognize the true beginning of words “rip” (in the paper definition of ripping a CD) yet there room are two renowned theories:

Theory 1: Rip-Off a CD

I’m sure you’ve heard the ax “rip off”, generally an interpretation to steal something. Some people believe that soon after the release of CDs in the 1980’s people started discussing methods to “rip off” the music hosted on them. At the time, world were likely referring to either copying the CD making use of expensive duplication hardware or simply recording the components to various other media such together cassette tape. In fact, many vehicles only had tape players at the time, through the CD car stereo not ending up being popular until a variety of years later. “Ripping off” a CD to a cassette tape come play in your automobile sounds choose it can plausibly it is in responsible for the start of this term’s popularity.

Theory 2: “Rip” audio native Amiga games

The Amiga was very popular home computer in the ’80s and also ’90s, renowned because that its audio and also graphics capabilities. It didn’t take lengthy for world to watch for means to extract the music and also graphics indigenous the games. This was accomplished by loading a video game into the Amiga’s memory, in search of the audio or graphics, and copying them come disk. This ended up being known in the Amiga scene as “ripping” and also it feel quite herbal that this language would have carried over to the CD age.

Does ripping a CD damage it?

This might seem one odd concern to ask yet it’s one that occasionally comes up. Fortunately for us datahoarders the answer is no, take it a CD go not damages it. I doubt people believe it reasons damage purely because of the other meaning of words rip. Come rip something in half or to rip something personal would plainly cause damage to the item so civilization make the presumption that ripping a CD must cause damage to it too. That course, when the word is composed in uppercase (RIP) that looks prefer an acronym, maybe for remainder in Peace. Come someone analysis a sentence such as “Rest in peace your favourite CD”, you can understand them reasoning that take it a CD had destroyed it.

Best file format because that ripped CD tracks

Generally, when civilization rip CDs they’ll save the resulting audio track together an MP3 file. This provides the audio document very little (around 10% that its uncompressed size) allowing thousands of tracks to it is in stored ~ above portable music players, smartphones, etc.

As an aspiring datahoarder however, you have to realise that saving audio native a CD in a compressed, lossy, layout such together MP3 has actually some drawbacks. To begin with, the high quality of the audio is walk to it is in worse. The lack of quality may not bother you if you’re just casually playing ago your music however crucially it renders it difficult to re-create a high-quality CD should you pick to. Back in the day, datahoarders offered to rip their CDs come WAV format which is uncompressed and also lossless. The downside, the course, is the the WAV documents are very huge (around 10MBs every minute) an interpretation that any far-reaching CD collection needed a large amount the storage. A happy medium, embraced by numerous datahoarders, is come rip CDs to the FLAC file format. FLAC is a compressed format yet like WAV it too is lossless. Take it to FLAC produces a file around fifty percent the size of WAV yet with no palliation in quality. It’s also feasible to transform from FLAC to WAV if you ever before needed to. The only slight fence to FLAC is the the overhead the compressing/decompressing the audio however to be honest, provided today’s hardware specs it’s not almost the issue it supplied to be.

Which software is best for ripping CDs?

This is a complicated question due to the fact that it yes, really comes under to individual taste. If girlfriend ask three knowledgable world what the finest cd ripping software application is, you’ll likely gain three various answers. Over the years I’ve used dozens of different programs for this task however there space two the really stand out to me:

My favourite (and the totally free option): precise Audio Copy (EAC)
EAC through the CD “Bill Tarmey – Time for Love”

In my opinion, EAC is the best cost-free CD ripping software application out over there today. I’ve supplied it for years and also it’s never ever failed me. Below are a couple of features the EAC:

It has actually “Secure Mode” to enable for a much more accurate ripIt’s cost-free for an individual useIt supports numerous formats, consisting of MP3 and FLACIt support CDDB to aid populate the Meta Data of produced audio filesMy 2nd favourite (the paid option): dBpoweramp
dBpoweramp v the CD “Elaine Paige – Encore”

dBpoweramp is additionally a certain favourite in the ripping/datahoarding community. Uneven EAC, it isn’t free, but it’s fairly inexpensive. It has actually a few “premium” features that are lacking from EAC therefore if you’ve gained hundreds of CDs come rip it might be worthwhile. Most world who have actually “upgraded” from EAC come dBpoweramp have actually done so since of these two features:

Multi-core ripping/encoding

If you have a multi-core CPU (99% of people have) then dBpoweramp will use all cores simultaneously to rate up the ripping and also encoding jobs. Again, if you’ve only acquired a handful of CDs come rip, this isn’t a huge deal.

PerfectMeta service

PerfectMeta is the surname dBpoweramp provides to its metadata online service. Fairly than relying top top a solitary service (such as CDDB), it combines info from several solutions to make sure the metadata is as exact as possible. At the moment of writing, PerfectMeta uses data indigenous GD3, Discogs, SontaDB, Musicbrainz and freedb.

You might be wonder if you have the right to avoid downloading either of these programs and instead just use windows Media Player because that ripping. The prize is yes girlfriend can, however I would not introduce it. Windows Media Player have the right to only encode the audio to among two formats, WMV or MP3 and as we’ve discussed, FLAC is by much the finest option. Windows Media Player also lacks the ability to check the accuracy of her rips through AccurateRip. This means that you’ll never ever really recognize if the rip you did with Media Player is precise or high-quality. Given that EAC is cost-free there’s yes, really no factor to even take into consideration using WMP to rip your CDs.

Best cd driver to use for take it CDs

back in the day, few of the bigger CD journey manufacturers offered to advertise that their drives were particularly great at performing DAE. DAE in case you’re unaware represents “Digital Audio Extraction”, in various other words, ripping. That’s right, manufacturers supplied to boast about their drives CD ripping abilities (albeit preventing using words “ripping” for reasons unknown). Human being interested in take it would seek out a particular make and model the drive that was well pertained to for that is DAE performance. Times have readjusted however and practically all drives on the market today are qualified of ripping and most do a pretty great job too.

If friend have constant audio CDs, in an excellent condition (no scratches, etc) then any kind of drive ~ above the market should be able to perform a “secure rip”. “Secure Rip” is the term offered when a rip has been contrasted to the AccurateRip database and verified as matching with an additional user’s rip.

If you have a most problematic CDs that you’re struggling to accurately rip climate my advice would certainly be to first just try ripping them making use of a different drive or different computer. If they still fail to rip then you might need come look at buying a journey that has actually a an excellent reputation at ripping (DAE).

For numerous years, “Plextor” was the brand of an option for the ripping enthusiast and also their models regularly featured in the height spots of take it accuracy lists. Yearly dBpoweramp publish statistics, reflecting the best and also worse drives for accurate ripping, based on data recorded from the software. The 2019 perform of the many accurate drives deserve to be uncovered here.

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Sadly, Plextor no longer functions as very as it when did yet I would reiterate that for many users, any contemporary drive will likely be an ext than enough for CD ripping.


If you’ve made that this much then friend should have actually a pretty an excellent understanding that what it way to “rip a CD”. We’ve talked about what ripping is and also speculated about where the ax originates from, We’ve likewise debunked the myth the ripping a CD damages or also destroys it. Finally, we’ve likewise described the software and hardware typically used to execute rips or DAE. Even if it is you’re just beginning out on your datahoarding adventure or simply want to rip a couple of CDs to hear to on her phone, i hope you found this post on what take it is useful!